The Oyster & Crab Restaurant @ 100AM

Monday blues is driven away with such a pretty dessert!

The dessert was not we set out to have. It was the Super Value Teppanyanki Set Lunch that got us to 100AM ( previously known as Amara Shopping Center) for lunch. Again, we have passed by this place umpteen times but have never stepped in as it looked awfully expensive. Think crab and oyster, and I guess your brain will automatically churn out a figure that is more than $30! We were so wrong about it as the set lunch, available from Monday to Friday, cost only $8.80++!

The 4 different set lunches available. You can choose to add on $2 for coffee or an additional $5 for coffee and dessert (ice cream and mini cake)

You can opt for Donburi, sushi or curry sets from the menu as well if you do not fancy the teppanyaki lunch sets.

The set lunches comes with appetiser, salad, main dish (chicken, fish, pork or beef), breaded oyster, crab rice, miso soup and fruits! So many items! Sounds like a mini feast fit for the princess! Hahaha…

Chicken with Balsamic Sauce Set Meal

Teppan Grilled Saba Set Meal. All the fish bones were carefully taken out.

Sliced Pork with Ginger Sauce Set Meal

Close up of the Sliced Pork. Looks so tender and yummy

My Sliced Beef with Black Pepper Sauce Set Meal

Close up of the appetiser. I am not sure what it is. Probably some kelps or seaweed stuff. No my fav though

Close up of the Salad. You get half a cherry tomato and some greens with a simple dressing.

My main – Sliced Beef with Black Pepper Sauce. I find the dish a little oily and the meat was a little on the fat side. However, the fat just melts in your mouth and goes well with the rice.

Close up of the Breaded oyster.

Cross section of the breaded oyster. I am not a big fan of oysters as I do not like the taste but decided to try one anyway and boy, was I surprised by the taste. There was no fishy smell/taste at all and the deep fried crumbs were so crispy and fragrant. I think oysters fans should really give their UOB 1-for-1 Hiroshima Oyster Night Weekend Special a try (valid till 31 October 2013)

Close up of the Crab Rice. A colourful bowl of rice. We found it a tad dry on its own but it went well with the teppanyaki mains ;p

Close up of the Miso Soup. Lovely soup to help wash down your meal

Fruits – Sweet watermelon cubes to finish the meal and cleanse your palate.

We added on just the dessert for $4 as we did not fancy the coffee and there was free flow of green tea. I was so happy when it was served as it looked so intricate and pretty and there is even a macaroon in it!!! I am not macaroon crazy but with the recent hype and popularity with macaroons, this seems like “the thing” to perk one up.

My col’s plate of dessert that was served with an yellow macaroon. I love how the plate was decorated with gold bits.

Another view of the dessert plate showing the pretty shape of the mini cake

Top View of my Dessert.

I chose the plate with the pink macaroon. We were not told what are the flavours but I am happy just eating it!

Another View of my Dessert

Close up of my macaroon – Looking so pretty with the smooth shiny shell and pretty “feets”

Cross section of my macaroon ( should be raspberry??). It was gone with just 2 bites…. yummy… LOL

The cross section of the mini cake on my plate.

The “gold” scattered on the plate. They are actually chocolate bits coated with gold.

The “mess” we left behind.. HAHA

View of the other room

Overall a cosy dining experience as we were given a room to ourself where we sit almost Japanese style. Why almost? Reason is because instead of bending our feet beneath our butts, we had ours tucked under the table as there was a hole dug out from the platform so that we can sit comfortably. If you are uneasy with this seating arrangement, you can always opt for proper cushioned seats in the restaurant.

Service is basic and since we were in the room, there was a button that we could press to summon the service staff when we needed them.




The Oyster & Crab Restaurant
100 Tras Street
#01-08 100AM
Singapore 079027
Tel: 65436507 / 65436508
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to closing



  1. slowchomp

    This outlet at 100AM is closed and will be replaced by a Korean Restaurant called Sodam

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