The House of Robert Timms @Wheelock Place, revisited

After catching  a lovely performance by a talented group of Harvard undergraduates called Din & Tonics, I suggested heading to The House of Robert Timms at Wheelock Place for a drink . I have read that it is a good place for a drink as it is one of Australia’s oldest coffee companies and since my last visit, the All Day breakfast has also been on my mind and I really wanted try it.

The House of Robert Timms is located at one corner of Marks and Spencer where Borders used to occupy at Wheelock Place. There are both indoor and outdoor sitting and in Singapore’s humid weather, my suggestion is to get a seat indoor!

The lovely Menu Cover

We were totally engrossed with the menu as there were a lot to order from and one of the meat got everyone talking –  the Kangaroo meat, but no one is adventurous enough to try it! 😛 We were also captivated by the pretty latte art featured in the menu.  As the menu states that “pictures are for illustration purpose”, PB checked with the waiter if our latte will come with the animal latte art. He said yes and in our excitement to order the animal that will appear on our latte (Lion for PB and Piglet for me), I forgot to ask for a decaf version. Argh!

The Animal Latte Art Pictured in the Menu

When our latte was served, you should have seen the expression on our faces! LOL… The waiter who took our order came over to apologise and told us that the Barista had stepped out and hence, the latte art that we ordered was not possible. Sad.. 🙁

My Hazelnut Latte $6.50. It came with a heart latte art. Better than nothing. 😛 It was thick and rich and definitely yummy.

PB’s order of Caramel Latte $6.50.  My first look was that it is an apple but a friend sitting in the opposite direction pointed out that it looked like a tree too and it does looked like one too when we turned it over. However, after the excitement over bear, lion or pig, this is pretty disappointing! They could have serve it later when the Barista  is back

A friend’s order of Lemon Lime and Bitters $6. If you are not into coffee, this is one drink that you can try. Definitely a thirst quencher in Singapore’s weather!

PB’s order of Garlic Cilantro Prawn Spaghetti $20.50

Close up of the Garlic Cilantro Prawn Spaghetti.  Generous portion of  prawn and asparagus! I had thought that it was long beans! LOL. I tried one of the prawns and it was fresh and crunchy and had a little heat to it. Nice!

My order of Eggs Benedict $14.80  that has poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, smoked turkey breast and bacons on toasts, served with baked beans and grilled tomato.

Close up of my Eggs Benedict. I wished there were more hollandaise sauce!

The eggs were a little too well done. The yolk was not runny and the egg white was a little rubbery. Not the smooth silky poached eggs that I was expecting. The bacon, turkey breast and toasts were great though! The multigrain bread was perfectly toasted and went well when eaten with the turkey and bacon… Yummmmm…  Baked beans tasted like what baked beans should be.. LOL

My Lunner – A term I devised for a combination of Lunch and Dinner.. LOL. The cake and pastry menu had something very interesting that I had to try after finishing my eggs benedict!

The desserts that we  ended up ordering.

Do you have any idea what the black dots in this Orange Poppy Cheese Pullman, $3 cake is? It is poppy seeds! I remembered that it is banned in Singapore! How did they managed to get it approved? Or has the laws changed??

Close up of the Orange infused poppy seeds pound cake with tangy cream cheese. I like the texture that the poppy seeds gave to the cake. I had initially found the cake to be uninteresting but with each bite I took, I found it quite addictive as the fragrance of the orange and butter is slowly released and the poppy seeds seemed to pop in your mouth. 😀 Cant taste much of the cream cheese though.

PB’s order of  Big Apple Pie with Ice Cream, $11.80.

Close up of the chunky apple in the pie. I did not really like this as the apple was pretty tart but the crumbs was too sweet. The ice cream was a little sticky and tasted normal.

PB decided to order another cup of Vanilla Latte, $6.50 after checking that the Barista was back. We were thrilled when we got the Pig Animal Art on the Latte. Great wrap-up to our meal!

A great place to chill. I will be back for more – especially those food platters and more lattes!

The House of Robert Timms
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 67359201
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday :8am – 1am
Friday and Saturday :8am – 3am

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