The Brew Orchestra @ Taman Molek, Johor Bahru

Checking out cafes in Malaysia and instead of the lattes that I always order, decided to go for something different today! No hot lattes for me but something called Rolling in the teap, RM21, in the menu. 😉

PB has been hiding at this place for a while and finally brought me here. Stepping into The Brew Orchestra, I can totally understand why he loves this place. I like it too and if not for the constant jam coming into Malaysia, I would be visiting more frequently!

View of the counter where all your drinks are prepared.

Already loving the interior, the warm lights, the layout, etc..

View from where we were seated.

Very nice and cosy cafe with free wifi too!

Nice light by the toilet which all of us had to check out (they are shared toilets) after being stranded for more than 2 hours in the jam!


Menu – Brew bar, Signatures, Specialty Tea and Alternatives

Menu – your source of happiness

Menu – Brunch Menu

Menu – Craft Beer

Quite a variety here for you to choose from but not too cheap if I am earning ringgit.

Menu – Main Course (Pastas and Mains)

Looks good but since it was late afternoon, we decided to eat something light before heading for dinner some where else. Prices wise, I think that it may be a bit steep for the locals to accept while for Singaporeans, it is basically approximately Singapore price.

Checking out the cakes at the display case.

More cakes.

The service staff was very nice in naming all the cakes for me and I ended up getting a safe choice 😛

My Green Tea Cake served nicely!

To put it bluntly, the presentation was nice but the taste of this cake did not wow me as I felt it was a tad too dry and hard.

Latte, RM12

Latte, RM12

My Rolling in the teap, RM21.

Unique presentation combining east and west – ice coffee ball served in a whisky glass while the tea infused milk is served in a tokkuri (sake flask). Something nice that puts a smile on my face. 🙂

Pouring the tea infused warm milk onto the ice coffee ball in the whisky glass.

Look at the solid round ice coffee ball.

The effects of the milk pressure on the ice coffee ball  😛

My coffee in a whisky glass 😉

I was told to pour a little at a time to enjoy but decided to pour everything in so that the coffee ice can melt and the milk will be evenly mixed with the coffee.  On its own, the milk was nicely fragrant though I felt the temperature can be a little higher.

Chicken Pesto Panini, RM18

 Got some of my friend’s Panini to try. It consisted of Grilled Chicken, streaky bacon, thyme mayo pesto sauce, cheddar cheese. Nice!

Breakfast Orchestra, RM28 – Two eggs any style, multi-corn toast, honey baked ham, sausage, streaky bacon, baked beans, button mushroom, grilled tomatoes, greens

Another view of the orchestra Breakfast showing the greens, sausage, bread and egg.

The other view showing our scrambled egg. streaky bacon and baked beans.

Another view showing the button mushroom, ham and greens.

And finally, a top view to see everything! LOL.

So many things on this plate that we really enjoyed it. For RM28 (~SGD10), this is pretty good value for money.

A corner of the cafe showing the different apparatus to make coffee 😉

Nice place to chillax and enjoy the food and coffee. 🙂

The Brew Orchestra
19 Jalan Molek 1/5C,Taman Molek, Johor Bahru 81100
Tel: +60 73588234
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am to 11.30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10am to 11.30pm

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