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Lunch times are times that most, if not all, working adults look forward to. This is especially true when the morning is a hurried mess and you just cannot wait to have that little break. Or, when there are changes that would require some exchanges of information, discussion or little gossips. Or, simply a time, to get away from the stressful office, to bond and have a good laugh with your cols.

We headed to Vivocity once again with no eating places in mind. After much deliberation, we decided to pop into Thai Express as there was some decent lunch set promotion going on. Though I have been to Vivo many times, this is the first time I am stepping into this outlet.

The crowds have not arrived when we got into the restaurant hence managed a photo of the nice interior. Smacked right in the center of the picture is where all your food appears from. ;P
This was the lunch set menu that lured us in. Sa-nook means fun and the sets definitely looked fun and yummy J My cols were actually guessing that I would be ordering the Thai Curry but well, they were wrong. haha
All sets come with the Steamed Sweet Tapioca with Coconut cream that was served together with the main course. That is not really a bad thing as you can alternate between your main course and dessert J
This is Sa-nook Tom Yum Seafood Soup set that 3 of my cols ordered.   
It came with Crispy Pancakes Appetizers and rice.  Looks good but forgot to ask my fellow connoisseurs how the pancakes tasted.  😀
This is the Seafood Tom Yum Soup. The seafood consisted of prawn, fish, squid and mushrooms. Not bad considering the price of the set and the rent they had to pay. The waitress said there should be at least one prawn, so if you do not get your, please ask for it  😛
This is the Sa-nook Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice set that another 2 cols and I ordered.  
It came with Tofu Squares Appetizer.  There were 4 slices of fried but tender tofu, drizzled with Thai Chilli sauce and topped with chunky ground peanuts. 
This is the Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice. The seafood rice was considered generous as there were 2-3 succulent prawns, squid, fish and some raisins accompanied by some cucumber, tomato and some quite raw pineapple by the side. The rice was a little too soft for my liking and the taste lacked the punch of pineapple rice. It could have been more savoury.
Overall, I still think that it is a good place to go for group lunches as the food are served pretty quickly, portion is decent and service prompt. 🙂 
Thai Express

1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-30 Vivocity
Tel: 6272 1912

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