tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto @ Circular Road

Headed to TCC in the Boat Quay area to use up my birthday privilege as a member. Was surprised to see that the roads are closed to vehicle after 6pm so that patrons can enjoy and party without worry about cars whooshing by 🙂

First time at this outlet that is located in one of the shop house. Very unique location and it actually has 2 levels of seating. Level 2 is pretty small and cosy and is fully booked when we were there so we had to settle for a seat in Level one which has a very open concept where you can just step in freely with no doors blocking your way.


Glad to see that there are new items on the menu which looks so pretty and appetising that we did not hesitate to order.

PB started his meal with a Espresso Frappe, $8.80.

Shrimps on Picks, $13

When we ordered this, the waitress told us that it is served cold. I had almost wanted to skip it but thanks to PB, we get to enjoy this very very delicious starter!

Close up of the shrimps wrapped in grilled eggplant, topped with cherry tomatoes and garlic bits!

If you do not like eggplant, fret not for this is so well done that you will not know it is eggplant!

M.B Beef Steak, $21 – Bite-sized beef striploin steaks served with mustard butter

Close up of the Mustard Butter

Doneness of the beef.

PB ordered this dish and I must say it is another good choice. A petite cut done medium (our style) that is tender and juicy and super easy to eat that it was gone way too soon!

My order from the All Day breakfast – M.B Steak and Egg, $24. 
Grilled striploin steak topped with mustard butter and sunny side up eggs, served with roasted baby potatoes and cherry tomato confit.

Side view of my medium well beef.

Did not know that TCC actually has all day breakfast too and this is really a good choice for peeps who wants a more sumptuous and filling breakfast where you can get all your proteins! I know where to go now if I want a hearty breakfast/brunch!

As we had our meal in the early evening, you will see that the colour of the pictures changes from daylight to orange light from the streets. 🙂

Flamed Bello, $13 – Succulent Portobelli Mushroom with Gruyere cheese flaming vegetable stew

Close up of the flaming stew!

There were jalapenos in it which gives this seemingly harmless and healthy dish a kick, forcing some beads of sweat out from us 😛

Elderflower Bliss, $13.90

Had to reach for a cold drink to combat the flaming stew and I choose the elderflower bliss from the wine coolers, something different from the usual lattes, espressos or smoothies.

Top view of the drink.

I did not taste the scent of the elderflower but PB said there was. It felt more like white wine with a hint of citrus to me. Nevertheless, it was a nice and light drink to chill with.

We decided to order more food after consulting with our tummies that were starved for more than 18hours if it wanted more food. 😛

Tequila Veal, $10 – Tender veal sausages flambéed and glazed with tequila, served atop slowly-simmered cannellini bean and tomato stew

This is a MUST Order in our opinion! Really really tasty and sausage lovers should not miss this!

G-tiger, $16

We rejected this plate as the prawns looked not too fresh and the service staff was very gracious in getting it replaced.

The replaced plate with 5 prawns and plenty of garlic.

For garlic lovers, this is your dish as the fresh tiger prawns are sauteed with garlic confit and topped with crisp garlic chips. Garlic-ky healthy! 😛

Having desserts at TCC is a MUST!

Best seller dessert – Dark Devotion, $13

Their signature sinful dark cocoa cake oozing warm chocolatey goodness. Need I say more? 😛

Matcha Oasis, $11 – Matcha azuki cake served with vanilla ice cream

Close up of the match azuki cake.

I feel that the green tea cake was a tad dry and it felt ready-made and was just heated up before serving. Between the two, I still prefer the dark devotion.

Prices at TCC has also gone up by a fair bit over the years and it is really value for money to be their member where you get 50% off the first meal in your birthday month. On normal days, you get 15% discount  with minimum spending of $20*  which helps to shave a bit off the actual price that you pay 🙂

tcc- The Connoisseur Concerto
51 Circular Road, Singapore 049406
Tel: 6533 9033
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, Eve of PH & PH – 11am to 11pm
Sunday – 2pm to 11pm
Tel: 65339033

Photos taken with Iphone6

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