TCC @ Circular Road

Back to TCC for the yummy Mains N Snacks! Ordered some we love when we visited previously and tried some new ones which were good too!  Shall let the picture speak for themselves! 🙂

Shrimps on Picks, $13++

Slightly different presentation of the tomatoes today. We got a whole cherry tomato on each pick as compared to half the last round.

Bello Fried with Truffle Aioli, $12.80++ – Lush portobelli fries just waiting to be dipped into richly fragrant truffle and feta cheese aioli

Close up of the portobello fries. Thumbs up!

Espresso Frappe, $8.80++

Ice Lemon Tea, $7.50

My Yuzu Grandeur, $13.90++

M.B Beef Steak, $21++

Perfect medium well steak. You must order this when you are here.

Another Fav – Flamed Bello, $13++

Tequila Veal, $10++ 

This did not wow me today. Was wondering why until I looked back on my previous post and realised that the sausage was cut different which had affected its juiciness and texture.

Big Bird Nugget, $13++ – Mouth-watering chicken chunks lovingly wrapped in turkey bacon, served with slowly-simmered red wine and lentil stew.

Close up of the Nugget.

We thought that it should not be called big bird nugget as the plate could hardly fill anyone 😛

Bourbon Beef, $19++ –  Juicy chunks of beef striploin skillfully flambéed with exquisite bourbon whiskey before being dunked into a creamy steak sauce!

A tad salty but otherwise a very nice dish! I think all the beef items are done very well here.

Hokkaido Gem, $22++ – Hokkaido scallops enveloped in a nutty brown butter sauce

Pretty expensive for 4 pieces of scallops but they are very nicely done which was well worth the stomach space 😛

Chic & Roll, $14++ – Chicken roulade with a Nihon Flair, enhanced with a touch of Shimieiji mushrooms, gooey mozzarella and draped in sake cream sauce.

A tad disappointed that the chicken was not nicely rolled when served and the ingredients was a little lacking. Taste wise, the sauce did boost up a otherwise plain dish.

Dessert time!

Carame’creamy Cheesecake Semifreddo, $12++ – Fanciful caramel semifreddo accentuated with savoury cheesecake for a creamy, dreamy revelry, beautified by an immaculate caramel tuile.

Side view of the beautiful tuille and the layers of the caramel cheesecake.

This is the X’mas Festive Special Dessert – Choco Mousse, $12++ – Stylish creation of peppermint chocolate mousse ensconced in smooth chocolate ganache.

Love the ganache, peppermint chocolate mousse and a little crunchy surprise in the dessert. Must try for peppermint and chcoclate lovers. It is better shared and as it can too sweet for one to polish on your own. 🙂

During this Festive Season, you get a SURE-WIN scratch card with every $50 Spend!

And the card I got won me a Main N Snacks(Plant) item!! Yummy!!!!

By the way, did I mention that there is a very cosy chillax area on level 2?

The beanies for you relax on!

What are you waiting for? Try yours soon!

tcc- The Connoisseur Concerto
51 Circular Road, Singapore 049406
Tel: 6533 9033
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, Eve of PH & PH – 11am to 11pm
Sunday – 2pm to 11pm
Tel: 65339033

Photos taken with Iphone6


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