Tanjong Pagar Market Food Center – Herbal Kitchen Preserved Vegetable Chicken Soup

Today, it is back to Tanjong Pagar Market Food Center for lunch. I was thinking of the theme that I should be doing this week. Since I started with Herbal Kitchen yesterday, I thought I might as well do the theme – “Herbal Kitchen Stall”, and sample all the different dishes the stall offers. The food that this stall sells is all very nourishing stuff. The main ingredient is chicken in some sort of Chinese herb.

Browsing through the menu, I found one that does not have herb in it – Preserved Vegetable Chicken ($3.50). It has been a long long time since I last ate preserved vegetables and thought that this dish would be a nice change to the soup I had yesterday.
From the menu, I thought the dish would be a dry one but was surprised when it turned out really soupy.
The rice ($0.40) that I add to the soup that came with some braised peanuts and drizzled with sauce.
There were plenty of preserved vegetables surrounding the chicken drumstick. The soup was a little sweet, quite a contrast to the taste I had in mind. To me, this is a well balanced meal as you get fiber from the vegetable, protein from the meat and carbohydrate from the rice.

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