Supper @ Tim Ho Wan 添好運@ Aperia Mall, Kallang

Never did I expected such a crowd at this time of the night! Actually I should have known when I saw the number of cars at the car park. There are no other shops in the mall that are opened till this late except for THW. During this time, the mall will be closed too and you will need to take the elevator/lift down and access THW from the entrance facing the road. Do not worry about losing your way as you will know it automatically from the people movement. 😛

Thank goodness we did not have to wait for long as we got a table for 2 pretty quickly! Bigger groups will have to wait for a longer time but generally, the table turn around time is quite fast so you will be able to fill your stomach very quickly!

Supper Menu at THW is slightly different from the day menu as it features more congee and light bites. Do not panic as their popular items are still available during supper time!

This lobster congee with prawn and scallop caught my eye but from the pic it looks too heavy for the 2 of us as my friend is really a very small eater hence we ordered something else to try. But in reality, the portion is the same as our congee which is a portion that is just right for one.

My hot barley, $2 which was neither too sweet nor too thick and the temperature was just right for me! Nice! Good that they did not put a straw into the hot drink.

The must order item – Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (3 pieces) 酥皮焗叉烧包 $5! Came pretty quickly this time round. It was the first item that was served. I guessed we were really lucky to be in time for this batch of buns else we would have to wait for the next!

The Hong Kong Style Boat Congee 港式艇仔粥, $6 that we ordered to try although we did not know what were the ingredients inside the congee.

Digging in, there were fish maw, cuttlefish and peanuts in the congee. I still prefer the century egg congee to this as I am not a cuttlefish fan.

Dumpling with Spicy Sauce辣汁饺子 , $5. It is basically dumplings served with a spicy vinegar sauce which is really appetizing. Similar to the HYCS 红油抄手 at DTF but this one has more vegetables in the dumplings which I prefer.

Close up of the inside of the dumpling.

Loved it but unfortunately, it is available only on the supper menu. 🙁

This Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp鲜虾腐皮卷, $6 took a while to arrive and we felt that it was over fried.

Cross section of the beancurd roll.

It looks quite different from the picture as I was expecting to get to taste more vegetables (eg carrots) but there were only succulent prawns in it.

I had actually forgotten to take a pic of our Pork Dumpling with Shrimp 鲜虾烧卖皇 (4pieces) $5.50! This was extracted from a general picture that I took hence my apologies for the poor resolution. For a nicer looking one, you can go to my previous visit’s post. Remember to eat it while it is hot if not it may stick together like how ours did!

Very satisfying supper in a restaurant running at full capacity at midnight! If you are hungry and looking for light bites in the middle of the night, you know you can come here as it is open till late or should I say, it is never closed. 🙂

Tim Ho Wan 添好運
12 Kallang Ave
Aperia Mall
Singapore 339511
Tel: 66842000
Opening hours: 24hours
Close on Monday (except Public Holidays) from 5am – 10am
Facebook :

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