Super Star K2 Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Telok Ayer Street

Another Korean BBQ place hunted down! 🙂

This is the 2nd outlet of Super Star K Korean BBQ Restaurant called Super Star K2 Korean BBQ Restaurant.  The first outlet is located at Tanjong Pagar Road and this second outlet was opened on 17 March 2013 at Telok Ayer Street. They have been opened for almost one year at this location! Pardon me for the poorly taken pic of the exterior as my Iphone4S cannot function as well in dark condition.

We were given a complimentary bottle of Dasani Drinking water,  quite different from the rest of the  Korean Restaurant and I had to ask the service staff just to make sure that it is free.

The Menu  – Different types of meat available for BBQ – beef, chicken & pork.

Menu – Some of the ala carte menu which  included noodles and pancakes

View of the different types of tables and the seating area.

The stools are pretty interesting as it is just a piece of cushion over a metal barrel. 😛 They have private rooms available for  reservation for big groups too

The hood that is to take away the smoke from the BBQ

Once the hood was extended, they turned on the lamp. Doesn’t it look like an alien with a long nose? hahaha..

Our charcoal set for the BBQ.

There is a stove beneath it and at times, our charcoal was added by the fire from the stove to cook the meat.

After placing our orders, it took a while for the side dishes to arrive and they were delivered on a trolley.

The Steamed Egg that was still bubbling when it was delivered.

Smooth and nice and helps to take the spiciness away!

Our vegetable served in a golden pot!

Side dish #1: Mashed potato. Pretty smooth.

Side dish #2: Spinach lightly sauteed. The stalks were a little hard for my liking.

Side dish #3: Bean sprouts. They used the normal bean sprouts here, not the big headed ones used in other Korean restaurants.  We like this dish as it was very refreshing and better when it came out chilled. I think we had 3 servings of it!

Side dish #4: Korean Fish Cake. I didn’t really like this dish but PB polished off everything.  Though you see chilli bits in it, it was not very spicy.

Side dish #5: Kimchi. Quite like the kimchi here.

We were given a plate each with 5 compartments. One empty one for you to put your food and 4 others containing condiments like salt and pepper, bean paste, garlic and seasoned onions that could  be added to the BBQ meat.

Our Slice Black Pork BBQ, $28 that was put to BBQ by the lady boss.

The done side.

It was cut into bit size for us and that was how I ate it. 🙂

The Kingsized Beef Ribs, $35 was put to BBQ once we finished eating the pork and the plate was changed to a net. We were surprised when we saw that it was marinated as we did ask the waiter if it was marinated and he told us no after he went to check. 🙁

The cooked side. I find that it was a little ex as there was a little meat only.

Close up my cooked beef with a little charred bits from the fire. The meat was firm and the marinate gave it a nice flavour.

PB could not resist ordering a Seafood Pancake, $25

Close up of my pancake. You can really eat bits of seafood like prawns and octopus in it.

Close up of the pancake.

Look at those spring onions and  how juicy yet crispy the pancake is. Nice! Quite a lot of oil went in as well i guessed.. 😛

View of the chalk board with all the korean scribblings from where we were seated.

A view of the interior with the counter and entrance to the kitchen. Seating can be a little tight if the place is full.

Our bill came up to $96.80 which was inclusive of 10% service charge that was reflected as tip in the bill. There is no GST. We found it a little steep, probably due to the cut of the beef and type of the pork ordered. Portion wise was a little small but we could still fill ourselves up with the free refill of the side dishes which was pretty yummy.  Service staff requires more training though.

They have lunch sets at $9.90 (probably with one +) from Monday to Saturday that you can try out too.

Superstar K2 Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Telok Ayer Street
155/157 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068611
Tel: 62212639 / 98504521 / 98905623
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday:
Lunch: 11.30am – 30m
Dinner: 5pm – 12mn
Sunday & PH: 5pm – 12mn

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