Sunrise Pops @Mr Bean

Popping by Mr Bean again! This time I am here to try out the other flavour of the popping “pearls”.. 🙂

My regular Sunrise Pop, $3.

I opted for the original combination – pineapple pops with the orange soya drink but dunno why it is so much bigger than my previous Lychee Soya Drink with Calamansi Pops.

Close up of the Orange Soya Drink. The orange taste is very light and not over powering. Lovely combination with the pineapple pops!

Close up of the Pineapple popping pearls.

Love the taste and fragrance of pineapple pops! I had expected it to be tangy but it was very smooth with just the right sweetness! Love it!

The pops in their containers at the store

The orange soya drink has a light orange taste which the pineapple pops help compliment. Very nice combination and refreshing!  So gonna try the pops in the lychee soya blended next to see how it goes 🙂

Get yours while stocks last!

Mr Bean Outlets all over Singapore

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