Summer Menu @ Ichiban Boshi, MBLM

What do you eat in summer when Singapore’s weather is summer 365 days a year? Visit a Japanese Restaurant and you will be bound to be greeted by seasonal menus which utilise the best ingredient for that season. And for Summer 2017, Ichiban culinary team has specially craved out a summer menu which got our approval 😛

Summer (Natsu) 夏Menu Cover – Featuring Swordfish, Beltfish and Pike Conger.

Fishes that I have yet to see whole in my life :p

The Summer Menu Spread.

Take your pick from Sushi, Carpaccio, chilled noodles and nabe.

To tempura, chawanmushi and salad prepared using the seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal Nabe Gozen, $25.90++

It come with Swordfish Belly, Japanese vermicelli and vegetables  in clear soup; pike conger and vegetable tempura; beltfish pressed sushi with Japanese plum Pasta and veingear miso mustard; half udon, chawanmushi and fruit.

Close up of the Swordfish Belly, Japanese vermicelli and vegetables.

Don’t you love the vibrant summer colours on this plate? 😉

Close up of the Pike Conger and Vegetable Tempura.

There were a total of 6 pieces of tempura – 2 x fish, 2 x sweetcorn (half in each), 1 x pumpkin and 1 x seaweed.

Close up of the pike conger tempura.

Very firm meat.

Close up of the Tachiuo Oshi Sushi  – grilled beltfish on red radish sushi rice served with Japanese plum sauce and vinegar miso mustard.

Half size Udon.


Fruit – Orange.

Throwing all the ingredients into the clear soup to cook.

Close up of the cooked vs raw swordfish.

Cooked swordfish tasted like chicken meat!

If I had not seen it, I would have thought I was eating chicken for the firmness and texture!

Love the Japanese vermicelli that has soaked up the sweet soup.

Of course, the Seasonal Nabe Set was not the only thing we had. PB, as usual, ordered a ton of food before we shared the nabe!

Lobster Roll, $4.20++

This is my nephew’s favourite item at Ichiban and he can down 3-4 plates on his own! This dish never fails to remind me of him. 😉

Tobiki Sushi, $3.20

This is my doing as it is one of my favourite and I haven’t had one in a long time!

Unagi Sushi, $6++

PB’s Favourite.

Assortment of Sashimi which is PB’s must order when he is here!

I know the hotate was ordered for me but they were a disappointment today hence no close up pic of it.

Tako (7 pieces), $10.50++

I finally tried one today (since there are so many pieces!) but still cannot appreciate it.

Hon Maguro Akami, $14.90++

No chance to touch it at all!

Swordfish Belly (5 pieces), $13.90++

All gone before I could try.

Seasoned Jelly Fish, $4.20++

Marinated Baby Octopus, $4.20++

The damaged – $120.05 for 2 pax! This is what happens when I do not get to QC the order! Really a lot of food for 2 pax! A real pig out!

Ichiban Boshi
8A Marina Boulevard,#B2-14/15, Marina Bay Link Mall,Singapore 018984
Tel:6834 3771
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30AM – 9.30PM

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