Sumire Yakitori House @ Icon Village

All you can eat Yakitori Buffet at Icon Village (new wing near to Altez)!

Sumire Yakitori House is located at the new wing of Icon Village, right below Altez and I have been walking past it everyday since its opening and witnessed how the crowds grew. The first time PB and I wanted to try it, it was so crowded that we had to wait until someone leave to get a seat. Since we did not want to wait, we popped over to The Quarters just a stone throw away.

Today, we are back again and what made the deal sweeter was a Groupon’s Deal that I chanced upon while searching if they are opened on Saturday. With the deal, the Yakitori Buffet for one person is $29.90 nett (worth $42.70) and Yakitori Buffet with 1 mug of Sapporo Premium Draft for one person is $34.90 nett (worth $53.15), and the voucher is redeemable on mobile! So much more convenient and save the earth at the same time! Without this deal, the buffet price is $34.90++ per pax and the Sapporo Draft Beer $5++ per mug (happy hours). So, you do the sums and you will know how much you are saving.  For other promotions offered by Sumire Yakitori, click here.

Sight of your Yakitori grilling in process greets you as you enter the restaurant, making us hungry already!

Some of the Yakitori on the menu that I snapped on my first “visit”. So tempting right?

This is the All You Can Eat Menu.

For a duration of 90min, you can order anything you want from this list. Do note that wastage will be charged.

View of the interior from where we were seated.

The restaurant can sit about 30-40 pax indoors and there are limited outdoor seating for people who want to smoke.

Side plates, chopsticks, wet towels, seasonings on the table.

For the all you can (AYC) eat buffet, you order from the ipad under the “All You Can Eat Menu (90mins)” tab.

If you do not know the name of the meat in Japanese, fret not for there are pictures and description of the individual items.

Nicely pictured and looks so good that you will be tempted to order everything!

A bowl of raw cabbage with salt and some seasoning was placed on the table, FOC, to help reduce the greasiness from the Yakitori. So thoughtful of them. Thought raw, the cabbage has its natural sweetness which does help to cleanse your palate after chomping on the yakitori.

My ice cold Sapporo Beer served almost immediately as there was a wrong ala carte order in the Ipad which the waitress kindly helped to amend in the bill since I had one in my groupon voucher.

My Fav Appetiser. Do you know what it is?

Chawamushi Of Course!

I like the chawamushi here. The flavour is just right, the egg is silky smooth and there are plenty of ingredients like mushroom on top and crab sticks, one chunk of chicken and one gingko nut in it. Love it.

We did not have to wait long for all the rest of our orders to come streaming in.


First Came the Yakitori:  Mune.

 Mune means Chicken Breast in Japanese and there are many different styles to choose from. Above is Mune Shiso Taru Taru (Chicken Breast with Mint Leaf and Tartar) & Mune Ninniku Shoyu (Chicken Breast with Garlic Butter and Soya Sauce)

Another view of the Mune.

Chicken breast are normally thought to be dry and tasteless but the ones here are juicy and delicious!

Unique Skewers: Eringi Shio (Oyster Mushroom with Salt)

This is very nice and juicy with the correct level of saltiness. Eat with care as it is hot!

Unique Skewers: Shitake Shiodare  (Shitake Mushroom with Salt)

This is yummy too!

Yakitori: Momo Tare

If I didn’t remember wrongly, this is Chicken Thigh in Teriyaki Sauce.


Unique Skewers: Enoki Bacon (tare/ninniku shoyu)

Another of my fav cos the enoki mushrooms would have absorbed all the teriyaki sauce and yet still retain the crunch. This combi is a little different from what we normally have as enoki mushroom is usually wrapped with beef and asparagus with bacon.

Yakitori: Tsukune (Chicken Meatballs).

Softbones of the chicken are added into the minced meat to give it some crunch. I like the one with cheese. I could not make out what the other flavour was and had thought that it was teriyaki until I ordered another stick of Black Pepper Tsukune. The Black Pepper flavour was just too mild 😛

Fuwa Fuwa Nabeyaki Udon (Fluffy Egg Udon)

I just had to order this from the Rice/Noodles section when I saw the pic and its description!

Look at how fluffy the egg was and how it kept its foamy form even after I fished out the udon!

My serving of the Fluffy Egg Udon.

There were plenty of ingredients covered by the fluffy egg. I love the egg that seems to melt in your mouth. The soup was perfect. It compliments the silky udon so well that I slurp up almost everything! 😛 The inari (sweet beancurd skin) in it was amazing as it retains its sweetness and flavour despite being soaked in the soup. I wonder how that is achieved. There were chicken chunks aplenty that we wished there was a few chunks less in it:P

PB’s order of Agemono: Tori Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken)

Meaty and juicy.

Agemono: Gyoza with Yuzu Mayo

Close up of the Gyoza.

Very crispy on the outside and goes very well with the dip

Nankotsu (Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage aka Soft Bones), $4.90++

PB’s ala carte order of his fav item that was not in the AYC and I only got to try ONE piece! The rest were all devoured by him though his post comment was “xxx is nicer”! 😛

At this stage, I enquired if all my orders have been served and I was told yes though, very clearly, I knew that some were not served as they had very distinct colours that I could differentiate even if I cannot remember the exact name. I checked with the service staff to serve the missing items and then proceed to order some more.. 😛

Chicken with Leek

Love the leeks! Sweet, juicy and not chewy! Nice!

Unique Skewers: Hotate Shiotare

Our left out order of Grilled Scallops which was better left not served as the scallops were way overcooked and the sauce way too salty.

Dessert : Mini Taiyaki with Green Tea Ice cream

I had ordered the dessert to be served later since we were still waiting for food but since it was served, we decided to eat it since there was no food on our table already.

Cross section of the Taiyaki – Fish Waffle filled with red bean.

The sweetness was just right but the crust was so so only.  The green tea ice cream was quite unique to me as the flavour was not overpowering and the sweetness is pretty muted but the dessert does not taste bland.

Our 2nd stick of Shitake Shiodare while waiting for our Mune.

Black Pepper Tsukune

Cross section of the meat ball.

Another order of Chawamushi since my Mune with Mentai Mayo and Mune Niniku Mayo have no sign of coming after checking 2 times 🙁

PB added on the Sumire Ice Cream after eating my mini taiyaki. This is a vanilla ice cream with black sugar. Quite nice.

Goma Ice Cream (Sesame Ice Cream)

Gone way too quickly!

One more Enoki Mushroom wrapped with Bacon since I wanted a little more “veg” 😛

Our unique skewers – Shishamo finally came!

Full of eggs but could do with a little more time on the grill 🙂

The very last order of Oyster Mushroom with salt.

The container of sticks of yakitori we had!

Overall, this buffet did bring a smile on our face. Food was good and served pretty quickly but it would have been more enjoyable if there was no time limit (as I eat pretty slowly!) of 90 minutes and the food order did not get miss out.  Variety is limited in the AYC as there were no beef/prawns, etc.  Will consider coming for the ala carte menu when it is not so crowded.

Sumire Yakitori House @ Icon Village (Altez)
16 Enggor Street #01-02/03/04
Singapore 079717
Tel: +65 6634 3236
Fax: +65 6634 3237
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri & eve of PH: 11.30am – 11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Sat: 5pm – 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Price (All You Can Eat Buffet)
Adult: $34.90++
Senior Citizens: $22.90++
Child (6-12yrs Old): $22.90++

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