Sum Kee @ Yeo’s Building, Telok Blangah, revisited

Our dinner tonight!

Decided to come back here for a quick and simple dinner since parking is readily available and the food are served very quickly.


Not too sure if this is the main or back entrance but this is where we got in from where we were parked. The way it is decorated makes me feel like I am in Malaysia.. LOL 😛

While looking for a table, we were brought one big round and got to the other side where we entered from the last time we visited.

The outdoor dining area.

View from where we were seated

Finally got a small table in the air-conditioned area.

As they were very busy, I helped myself to the menu available at the cashier.

Snapped some of the menu while waiting for someone to service us.

Menu – Chicken & Pork

Menu – Beancurd and Beef

Menu – Prawns and Soup

Menu – Noodles

Menu – Crabs and Sliced Fish

As there was no order chit available and all the staff were out of sight/busy, I decided to place my order at the cashier before the order from those big tables get logged in. I had to check my items with a highlighter on the paper that the staff passed me.

While waiting for our food, I entertained myself with this stingray in the tank right beside us! Never had such close proximity to one!

The condiments and cutlery are conveniently placed on the table

Our drinks came first. PB’s Grass Jelly 仙草水, $1.50 and my Lou Han Guo 罗汉果 drinks, $2

The Ultra man chicken咸蛋鸡 (small), $12 that we wanted to eat came first!

Close up of the Ultraman Chicken.

It is actually chicken cooked in salted egg yolk and given a little heat by the chilli padi. Both of us felt that today’s dish though still delicious, lacks the savoriness of the egg yolk.

PB wanted a Coffee Pork Ribs 咖啡排骨王 (small), $10

Close up of the coffee pork rib

Meaty and pretty good!

Crab Meat Toufu 螃肉豆腐 (small) , $12

Close up of the toufu.

Golden brown morsels that just disappears in your mouth! This dish is perfect with rice as the crab meat are all in the sauce! 😛

Our carbs – Sum Lor Hor Fun三捞河粉 (small), $6

Very fresh fish slices but the hor fun lacks the wok hei taste compared to the last time we were here.

Our bill came up to $46.50 after adding a 7% GST. A very hurried dining experience tonight as many people are out in big families to celebrate Father’s Day. If you are expecting service, you may be disappointed as a lot of customers are helping themselves to the plates and bowls as it is way faster than relying on the super busy service staff. For those wanting to visit, please make your reservations early as they are really popular with families!

Sum Kee Food
No 2 Yeo’s Building
Telok Blangha Street 31
Singapore 108942
Tel: 67373233 / 63338556
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11am-2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 11pm

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