Splashy fish

Surprised to discover a game that looks almost like Flappy Bird.. Cannot fly but we can now swim? Lol…

I did not manage to download Flappy Birds before it was pulled off from App Store. Partly because I find it boring and partly because after trying the game on my col’s phone, I did not really like it. Prefer to crush candies and match some cute carrots/parsnip/apples/sunshine instead. Haha.
Was trying to update some of my apps today and saw this app Splashy Fish on my app store search page that looks like Flappy Bird. It belongs to Massimo Guareschi and was just updated on 11 February 2014. Out of curiosity, decided to download it to try and boy, other than minimal graphics changes, the game looks like the one that was a hit overnight!
I am still lousy at the game though. Constantly banging into the pillars or falling facedown on the seabed! Lol… At least everyone now has an alternative game to play and not have to spend a ridiculous amount to bid for an iphone with the Flappy Bird App. ;p

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