Spinach and Soup @Tanjong Pagar Market

I almost turned into a hulk in this sweltering heat hunting for food in Tanjong Pagar to eat for lunch! A hulk I did not turn into but something green did caught my eye and a Popeye I became! Hahaha… 

Spinach and Soup was the one that caught my eye when I decided to eat at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre. 

Not too sure how long have they been in operation as I last remembered the stall at this location was selling beef noodle soup. ;p This spinach and soup option is a much better choice as there is no religion restriction and the catch is – it is healthy food that you can eat without feeling guilty everyday! 

Some of the Health Benefits of Spinach includes: Aids in Digestion, Prevents Cancer, Anti-inflammatory, Contains Antioxidants, etc

Simple menu at this stall.

You can have Order A which consists of Spinach, Minced Pork, Prawn, Mushroom and Wolfberry or 

Order B
consisting of Spinach, Minced Pork, Wolfberry, Cenutry and Salted Egg for $3.50.

You can add on Carbs for an additional $0.50 to $1 with options ranging from Brown Rice (+$1), Thin/Thick Bee Hoon, Macaroni or White Rice. 

If you still find that the ingredients are insufficient, you can have extra egg, salted egg, century egg, spinach, minced pork or prawns at an additional price of $0.50 to $2. Do note that Takeaways are chargeable at $0.20 per container. 

Close up of the Order A that really appeals to me. Looks so simple and fulfilling with that 2 red prawns :p

Peeping at the Order before me as I do not know what to expect. ;p

My Order A- Spinach, Minced Pork, Prawn, Mushroom, Egg and Wolfberry with Macaroni, $4.

An egg is part of Order A and it doesn’t matter that my egg is broken. I still love it! 

Fishing out the ingredients in the soup. 

There were 3 de-shelled prawns, lots of spinach 苋菜, some minced pork, mushroom and wolfberries and a just right portion of macaroni in the clear soup! Would have preferred if the prawns were as shown at their stall but it was nevertheless still good and easy to eat. 🙂 

Close up of the clear soup and ingredients in the bowl. 

Love the perfectly cooked macaroni. The minced pork was marinated but my mum has a better and more fragrant marinate. :p

Very tender spinach! A very healthy, homely and #无负担 meal 🙂 Gonna try Order B next! 

Spinach and Soup
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center
Singapore 081006

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