Soup Stock Tokyo onboard Japan Airlines

Totally looking forward to the meal on board Japan Airline (JAL) after having my first pipping hot miso soup on a plane when I last travelled with them and this round, we had Soup Stock Tokyo for breakfast!

Top view of my breakfast in the plane consisting of yoghurt, salad, fruits, mushroom soup, coffee and bread.

Close up of the cup of pipping hot soup.

This is part of JAL Air Series Meal and my first try of the soup from Soup Stock Tokyo. I did see them in malls in Singapore before but just did not get down to trying it and never expected that my first try of the soup will be so many miles high in the sky! LOL

Added Black Pepper to the soup.

The soup was on the sweet side (most of the Japanese food are!) with a few types of mushrooms in it. There were also leeks and potatoes if my memory serves me right! No other options were available for breakfast but I have no complaints 🙂 *Slurp*

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