Soon Heng Food Delights 顺兴美食 @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market

My delicious Lor Bee Hoon Lunch, $3 today! Still as yummy as before, just that somehow the chilli is missing from the bowl today.

Soon Heng Food Delight is back at its old location at the newly renovated Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Center. The only thing that is changed is the unit number from 02-20 to 02-19. The rest are remains the same – the food, the auntie, the cutlery and the queue!!!

 A view of the delicious ingredients as I neared the head of the queue. Although there were only about 10pax in front of me, it took a whole 30 minutes before I got my food! 🙁 Really an unexpected long wait! It could have been due to new people trying out the stall like an auntie who saw the queue and decided to queue behind me after asking me if it is the same stall as before or the lady in front of me who have heard so much about it but never tasted it before and since she is here decided to give it a try. Or perhaps it is due to Auntie losing concentration as I overheard her “scolding” Uncle when I was at the head of the queue. :p

The updated signage featuring Batang Lor Mee 巴当鱼卤面for $4/5, Fried Shark Lor Mee炸鲨鱼卤面 for $3/4/5 and Fried Shark Fish Fritter 炸鲨鱼肉for $3 and the numerous recommendations it received from the various media.

 Presentation has improved and the combination of the ingredients with the perfectly cooked noodles and slightly sweet braised sauce just keeps me thinking of having it for lunch everyday! Only the queue puts me off! 😛

Soon Heng Food Delights 顺兴美食
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Center

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