SLOW’s Beef Udon

It has been ages since I last cooked and since I got home early from course, decided to cook dinner so that my parents can have something home cooked instead of taking away from the zichar stall.

Ingredients for my Beef Udon (from top left hand corner) –  Udon (adjust according to the number of person eating), capsicum, beef, egg. onion, a clove of garlic and enoki mushrooms.

Make sure the beef is fully thawed before cooking

Chop up the garlic and slice the onions. Cut out half of each colour of capsicum and randomly slice them.

Cut away the roots of the enoki mushroom and rinse them. If you like more, you can add more but I added only a 100g pack as I felt that there was too much ingredients.

I had watched a Taiwanese cooking program and an egg was used to marinate the beef to give it its smoothness.  I did the same and added black pepper too. I decided to use all of the 230g worth of  slice beef as Mum said 2 more person was eating in.

Blanching the Udon as per instructions on the package. I had wanted to cook only 2 packets but ended up with 3 packets as Mum told me to cook everything.. 🙁 I really think it is too much!

Heat some olive oil in a pan. Quickly stir fried the beef  to 50% cook to lock in the juices, remove from pan. Then add in the garlic, onions and capsicum, stir fry  for a while, add in the udon, beef and enoki mushroom. Stir till everything is well mixed and add in some seasoning and pepper to taste. I added a bit of oyster sauce and soya sauce and black pepper.

A flurry of activities later, this will be the well mixed pan of Beef Udon. I think this pan can feed 8 pax! 😛

 Though it looks good, this dish fails badly in my opinion in terms of the taste test although my sister said it tasted not bad. In my opinion, the udon was a little over cooked (portion is too big!!) and there was a yeast taste.  Not too sure if this is the taste of  this particular brand of Udon or there was insufficient water to blanch it properly or my seasoning was insufficient to cover it. It is my first attempt at cooking udon at home though I had eaten it many times outside! 😛 The beef, as usual, was a little tough. I am still trying to get the correct cut of the meat and preparation methods. Never seems to be able to get the melt in your mouth feel at home without using additional tenderizers. 🙁


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