SLOW Colourful Angel Hair Pasta in Satay Sauce

There is no way you can go hungry in Singapore since food is constantly on the people’s minds and is freely available. If you have no money, people will be hesitant in giving you some but if you tell them that you are hungry, they will not think too much about buying you a simple meal 😛

Whipping up a simple meal at home is so easy since food and sauces are so easily available. I can never go hungry in my house. The only thing I am missing is creativity. How can I whip up sumptuous food with whatever that is available or transform some of the common dishes to make them more interesting?

Decided to make dinner for myself today with whatever I can find in the fridge 😛 There was a pack of satay sauce in the fridge and a pot of braised meat/beancurd/egg in the fridge which I decide to use to make my dinner.

I am never a rice person (except for fried rice!) and hence pasta was my choice for carbs. Angel Hair pasta cooks really quickly. All I needed was just 2 minutes and this is a lot healthier than instant noodles!

Heating up the satay sauce and braised beancurd and egg. I added some capsicum in traffic light colours which I found in the fridge too 😀

Once the sauces are sufficiently heated up, add in the angel hair spaghetti and mix well.

Let everything come to a boil again and it is ready for serving.

My very simple to cooked, colourful to see and healthy to eat Colourful Angel Hair Pasta in Satay Sauce. Probably the first time someone combined a local flavour (Satay Sauce and Braised Beancurd/egg) with an Italian Noodle ? ;P


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