Skinny Pizza Set Lunch @ 100AM

Looking for places with set lunches to chill during the hectic work week? You can try Skinny Pizza’s Set lunches.

The Set Lunch from Skinny Pizza is available from Monday to Friday from 11am – 3pm.  For $13.95++, you get either a Personal Pizza or Pasta and a soup. There are 4 options for the 7 inch personal pizzs namely Truffle Mushroom,  Chicken Satay, Margherita or Ginger Butter Chicken. For the Soup, you can choose from Hearty Mushroom , Country Chicken or Roasted Pumkpin. And for the Pasta, you can choose from Mushroom Aglio Olio or Meatball Rigatoni. Sounds good right?

The full menu if you are not interested in the set lunch. For a clearer view of the menu, click here

Unable to make up your mind, you can get some inspiration from the pizza menu.

We decided to order some sides to share and since we are having trouble picking them, we chose 3 from the option of truffles fries, sweet potato nibblets, grilled garlic flatbread and a 1/4 metre sausage (beef, spicy chicken or pork) for $18. If order ala carte, prices for the sides range from $7 – $9.

Hearty Mushroom Soup

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Close up of my healthy roasted pumpkin soup without the bread

Another col’s Country Chicken Soup.

Our side consisting of Sweet Potato Nibblets, Truffles Fries and a 1/4 metre sausage.

Close up of the Sweet Potato Nibblets. I love this sans the sugar on top.

Truffle Fries that were polished off very quickly

1/4 metre sausage (spicy chicken is good) 🙂

This is the pork sausage that we cut into bite chunks to share. Pretty good with the mustard sauce.


One col’s Meatball Rigatoni drowned by the rocket leaves on top! For non-greens eating peeps, you can push it away easily. 😛

Truffle Mushroom Pizza – Topped with roasted mushrooms, porcini, onions, shaved Parmesan and drizzled with aromatic truffle oil.

 Margherita Pizza – Sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella atop a home-made tomato sauce, sprinkled with fresh herbs, rocket and extra virgin olive oil.

Chicken Satay Pizza  – Satay spice-marinated chicken, sweet and juicy pineapple cubes and freshly made satay sauce paired with refreshing romaine lettuce, watercress, Japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

I have tried this before and it felt like eating satay chicken with crackers and topped with healthy veg. 🙂

Top view of my Ginger Butter Chicken

Tender chunks of Indian-spiced chicken garnished with cashews, coriander, rocket, onion and grated hard-boiled egg, drizzled with yoghurt and homemade tomato salsa.

Close up of the tender chunks of chicken

My mouthful of the pizza with a little of everything! As the base of the pizza is so skinny, I feel that this meal may not be sufficient for people looking for something to chew as the base of this pizza is so thin and crackling that it resembles a cracker more than a bread dough. For people who are afraid of stuffing themselves silly, this is one option that you definitely can consider 🙂

Skinny Pizza
100 Tras Street,
100AM Shopping Mall,
Singapore 079027
Tel: 6444 2136
Opening hours: 11am-10pm (Last Order at 9.30pm)

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    Skinny Pizza is no longer at 100AM

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