Sizzling Citrus Burger (2014) @McDonald’s Singapore

Finally tried the Spicy Special from Mcdonald’s Singapore because I wanted to buy…..

…this cat without a mouth! LOL.. Actually it was My Melody that I wanted but since Hello Kitty is dressed as My Melody, I decided to get it as well. Pretty cute right?

My shy melody kitty in the box. It is not as fat as it looks though :P. Size wise it is about my palm size.

OK, back to my meal. I bought the Spicy Special Level 1: Sizzling Citrus Burger Meal and I changed the large fries that came with the meal to a cup of corn as PB was not too well and deep fried fries would probably kill him. Corn is much much healthier 😛

The Yuzu McFizz. Do not expect the Korean style yuzu fragrant from this as it is basically a syrup mixed with Soda water.

Taking apart my corndust burger to reveal one whole lettuce leaf on top of the spiced whole muscle chicken. I tore the lettuce into 2 as it was too big to be eaten as a whole.

The splash of vibrant green chilli and lime sauce on the cut side of the top bun. The spiciness is acceptable but it lacks the refreshing taste of lime.

The spiced whole muscle chicken.

Taking a bite to reveal the tender chicken.

Overall, I find the spiced batter on the chicken a little thick for my liking although it was tender. The sauce was not as refreshing as I had thought when I saw the word “citrus”. The spiciness was definitely acceptable though I find it a little artificial. Between this and the level 2 McSpicy, I would choose level 2 any time.

Stay tuned for the Spicy Special Level 3 review…

Available at all McDonald’s Singapore Outlet for a limited period.

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