Seafood Tom Yam Soup @ Authentic Thai Street Food @TPC

Having a late lunch today and decided to try out the Thai Stall that has changed to another thai owners and there are now 3 persons manning the stall instead of the previous one.

The stall has been spruced up with delicious food pictures and a colourful LED “welcome” sign 🙂 It is a no pork and no lard stall so it may be good news for some 🙂

Looking through the updated menu and prices have gone up a little especially for anything with seafood or beef.

It was after I had placed my order did I notice the set menu! Gotta wait for the next round 😛  It looks value for money considering that my meal is almost the same price as the set!

My Seafood Tom Yam Soup with Rice, $5.50

Close up of the ingredients in the soup.

There were supposed to be sotong in it too but I requested to omit it as I do not like to eat squid.

Trying to fish up the ingredients for a nice pic

Close up of the prawns that has been de-veined and the fish slices in it.

There are 2 prawns in it and quite a few thick slices of fish which were quite fresh.

The tanginess and hotness level of the soup was just right and I could not help slurping it all up as we chatted over the meal. The only down side was I got a little thirsty after that but I still had no regrets 😛 Only wish was for more ingredients in the soup. 🙂

Authentic Thai Street Food
Keng Chye Eating House,
7 Keppel Road,
Singapore 089053
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: Lunch time only

Photos taken with iphone6

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