SBC Dinner Hop – Part 1 (Changi Village Hawker Center)

SBC organised a dinner hop on 28 August 2009. Decided to join as it give me a chance to experiment with my fren’s DSLR ,as well as, maybe, discover some hidden food places that I may not know.

The itinerary was not released until the day itself. I was actually a little disappointed to see the places on the list are places that are actually very well-known for the food. Nevertheless, joining in the fun was the main aim and hence off we go to our 1st Stop – Changi Village.

The 1st stall that we attacked was Rong Ji. This stall is recommended by many programmes, example City Beat, Makansutra, etc. We ordered the Chicken Chop Hor Fun, Chicken Chop Noodle and Deep Fried Wanton to share. Personally I have tried the Chicken Chop Hor Fun before and feels that it still taste as good. The wanton though, was a little forgettable as I think it has been fried and left there for a while in preparation for the dinner crowd and hence it is not hot and crispy as i have expected it to be.

Chicken Chop Hor Fun – $3.50

Deep Fried Wanton – $3

Sting ray from one of the BBQ stall – $10

One of my cols recommended the Red Tea Logan Jelly from Mei Lin Yin xx. The stall has a green signboard and is along the same row as the Famous Nasi Lemak Stall so you cannot miss it. I have been to Changi Village for a few times but have not heard of this dessert. He told me that it is highly recommended by his army friends who must have it before they book into camp. All 5 of us cant wait to dig in to this “highly recommended” dessert and it was indeed yummy! You can smell the fragrance of the jelly and it was so smooth it slides down your throat. Yummy.. i’m craving for it as i write this..

Red Tea Logan Jelly – (didn’t get the price)

Rong Ji
Changi Village Hawker Center
Blk 2 Changi Village Road

Photos taken with Nikon D50 (resolution reduced)

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