Saveur @ Purvis Street

Saveur is a casual french restaurant that has been hanging on my “To Visit” place for dinner but after a long duty week, my brain is just out of order for where to go for dinner. Most of PB’s suggestions were thrown out of the window until he uttered “that french place Savour or Saveur that you have been wanting to go” that my brain woke up! LOL.

Entrance of Saveur along the row of shophouses at Purvis Street

View of the Interior from the entrance.

Monday night and you would expect most restaurants to be less busy but not Saveur! We were luckily to get a seat almost immediately as there were only 2 of us. Bigger groups may have to wait for a seat.

View of the Kitchen where the food was prepared. The place looks empty here as I waited till it was almost closing to take it. Else you will be seeing too many heads! 😛

The Menu with the duck logo on the cover. I have long heard about their cheap and good duck confit which I had to try.

 On the first page of the menu was a quote from 1 Corinthinas 12:4-7. In short: ” When was the last time you were moved to love?”

Prices on the menu were really affordable and there was a wine promo with each main course ordered. How can I let slip such an opportunity to unwind after a dreary week? 😛

My Pierre Jean Colombard Chardonnay, $8 with my main course ordered. It was an easy to drink white wine which I enjoyed very much!

For PB, french dining starts with bread and he had to order the Bread and Butter (2 rolls per serving), $2. You have the option of hard or soft rolls and we opted for one of each since the waitress allow us to mix it. They were served nicely warm and crispy. A pity that these are not made in house as I would not make paying for them.

Our Mushroom Cappuccino, $4.90  came quickly after.

Look at the nice mountain of foam on top.

Pushing away the foam to reveal the thick mushroom soup

The mushroom soup was blended to such smooth consistently that it is really like drinking Cuppaccino! I still prefer my mushroom soup to be chunky instead of smooth. 😛

It was quite a wait for the food and we added this Saveur’s Pasta, $4.90, after seeing that almost every table ordered one.

Extracted from the menu, the description goes – Capellini with chilli oil, finely chopped konbu, topped with minced pork sauce, chives and sakura ebi.  Yumz. The presentation of the dish is enough to wow you and after diving in, we polished it off so quickly that PB wanted to order another portion as he could not get enough of it!  It is also so cheap! The same portion at a french restaurant will probably cost 4x more with the amount of ingredients in it!

Look at how nicely coated every strand of angel hair is! Definitely recommended!

Next came my Duck Confit with mashed potato, saute shitake, orange segments and orange-infused natural jus, $12.90.  After being wow by the colours and presentation of the Saveur’s Pasta, this confit did not look as appealing.

The duck skin was not very well crisp and it looked kind of ill-treated with the shitake mushrooms scattered on north south and 2 orange segments on east west.  LOL

Having said that, the duck meat could easily be pulled apart although it was a little dry at some parts. No complains looking at the price I am paying for this dish.

PB’s Beef Tenderloin (150g) with potato au gratin, carrot puree ,button mushrooms, red radish, baby carrot & beef Jus, $24.90.

Side view of the pink beef.

Another view with the button mushrooms, red radish and potato au gratin.

The meal was so nice that I added on another chardonnay before my dessert came! ^o^

The desserts that we ordered.

PB’s pick of Tofu Cheesecake with passion fruit sauce, $5.90. 

Close up of the passion fruit, not as tart as I had thought and smells so good.

The toufu cheesecake was so light and easy to eat. People who are afraid of those cheesy cheese cake should give this a try. Adding a little passionfruit sauce to the cheesecake makes it a passionfruit toufu cheesecake! 😛

My pick of the Salted Caramel Lava Cake, $9.90 made up of Maldon Sea Salt caramel, valrhona dulcey Chocolate & chantilly cream which needed 15 min to prepare. I just have a weak spot for desserts with the word “Lava”. hee..

This is one dessert that is worth the wait and that you must try when you are here! Chocolate lava cakes are common but cake that is oozing salted caramel? This is a first! Caramel lovers will definitely love this! I like it too as the salt negated the sweetness of the caramel and makes this savoury dessert to end my meal!

If only the accompanying Chantilly cream was changed to Vanilla ice cream, this will be voted my favourite dessert!

PB liked the dessert so much that he took away one for his Mum. 🙂

No one is too young to learn how to enjoy french food. Look at one happy family here!

Saveur is a place where you do not have to pay through your nose to enjoy french food with your loved ones be it your 1 year old baby,  80 year old granny or a date you are trying to impress on a budget. There is nothing pretentious here, dress up or dress down, you will still get to enjoy cheap and good food in a relax ambience. Table setting may be a little too close so leave your secrets or mushy declarations to somewhere more appropriate.:D

5 Purvis Street #01-04
Singapore 188584
Tel: 63333121
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 2:15 pm, Dinner: 6:00 pm – 9:15 pm

Photos taken on a XiaoMi with minor colour editing.

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