Samurai Burger (2015) @ McDonald’s


The Samurai Burger is back! Feed your inner samurai!

Both the beef and chicken samurai burgers are launched together with Mocha Flavoured McFlurry with Caramelised biscuits

Menu at Mcdonald.

It got me very puzzled as the price board indicate a single at $7.65, with meal $5.75, while a double costs $9.45, with meal $7+. Shouldn’t it be opposite?

The Single Samurai Special (beef/chicken) with Seaweed fries and green tea cost $8.65.

My Single Samurai (beef) Meal with small fries and coke, $7.65

Close up of the burger.

I feel that the patty was a tad dry, there was not enough sauce and too much mayonaise. The samurai sauce also tasted a little different, lacking a flavour that I cannot put a finger to. A little disappointed but it was still a filling meal. Try yours and let me know what you think of the burger this time round.

Available at all Singapore McDonald’s Outlet as well as McDelivery for a limited season only. Grab yours soon!

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