Samurai Burger @ MacDonalds

Guess WHAT’s back?  

That was the tagline advertisement on the cover from today’s Today by McDonald’s.

And.. the Samurai Burger is back! And bigger too with a new Double Samurai Beef Burger on the Menu!!  Imagine eating two juicy quarter pounder beef patties coated in delicious teriyaki sauce and topped with mayonnaise, crunchy lettuce and sandwiched between two golden toasted buns! WOW!  The description is enough to send us running to McDonald’s and that was exactly where we ran to for lunch! 😀

My Upsize Samurai Burger Meal (ard $7+ as my col did not tell me the exact price). The upsize meal comes with a cheese shaker fries which is new too!

Revealing my Samurai Burger! Look at the teriyaki sauce by the side.. Yumm….. A single beef patty with the upsized fries and drink, the meal is so filling that I feel like having a siesta after that! LOL.. Imagine eating a double!

Closeup of the juicy quarter pounder coated with the delicious teiyaki sauce. I’m Loving it! McDonald’s should really consider putting this permanently on the menu!

The McShaker Cheese Powder to get the lovely Cheese Shaker Fries. You can hear the shuffling of fries in paper bag throughout the meal as everyone pops the fries into the bag and shake.

The well coated fries with Cheese. The colour looks like the super rings that we used to eat as a kid.

Closeup of the Cheese Shaker Fries. I pinched one from my col to try and the taste was not strong. People who does not like Cheese can give this a try. I did not shake my fries in the end as I preferred the original taste of the potato and so that I can enjoy my Samurai Burger Better. 😉

Available at all Singapore McDonald’s Outlet as well as McDelivery for a limited season only. Grab yours soon!

That is the advertisement from the Television taken with my Iphone4s. Tempting isn’t it?


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