Samurai Burger (2013) @ McDonald’s

The legend returns, at McDonald’s! Yes! The Samurai Burger is back!

This time, it is comes with seaweed shaker fries which I feel complimented the meal much better than the cheese shaker fries last year.

Silly me trying to take a picture of the poster at the entrance of the McDonald’s Outlet

My $7.95 upsized (Single) Samurai Burger Meal.

The packet of Seaweed Shaker Fries

Inside the packet. It is basically sugar, maltodextrin, flavour enhancers, salt, soy sauce powder, seaweed yeast extract, spices, anti-caking agent, garlic & onion powder and seasame oil combined together. Though it sounds so unhealthy, I still could not resist shaking some fries with it.

Seaweed Fries vs Original Fries.

After popping into the bag and shaking, you get the nicely coated seaweed fries as above.  I get the best of both worlds as I only shake half of my fries 😛

Fries done, time to attack the burger!

My messy and juicy Samurai Burger. Love the single quarter pounder beef patty dip in teriyaki sauce. Delicious! If a single patty is not enough for you, go for the double patty one!

My colleague ordered the Matcha McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits  to go with his meal and I got some to try 🙂

My tasting portion of the Matcha McFlurry. Loving every single bit! *-) Just be careful when eating as you do not want to choke on the matcha powder

Happens that this weekend is the F1 race weekend too. So make a pit stop at McDonalds for this filling and delicious burger before heading for the race 🙂

Available at all Singapore McDonald’s Outlet as well as McDelivery for a limited season only. Grab yours soon!

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