Sakura Matsuri @ Ichiban Boshi @ MBLM

Celebrating Sakura Festival at Ichiban Boshi at Marina Bay Link Mall with its Sakura Matsuri Menu which is valid till 30th April 2016.

The menu comprises of one main course, one sake and 3 sakura delights (cookie, meringue & doughnut)  for you to choose from.

Renge Sake – Lotus Honey Flavoured Liquor, $13.80++ with set /$16.80++ ala carte

First time PB order alcohol for me as I was busy browsing other menu šŸ˜›


Very fragrant sake and the colour is so pretty! Looking just like those cherry blossoms in Japan! Maybe this is best enjoyed during the sakura season? šŸ˜‰

My Pirikara Chasoba Tonkatsu Gozen, $23.90++
Kyoto-style double-fried Pork Tenderloin; Cold Japanese Green Tea Noodles with egg crepe, cucumber, tomato & spicy soba sauce; Assorted Sashimi; Chawanmushi; Appetizser; Miso Soup & Fruit.

The main menu at Ichiban Boshi seems to have been refreshed with more offerings from Kyoto – a place that I have been wanting to go!!!

Assorted Sashimi – the only place where I try some sashimi cos I feel that they are very fresh.


Always love the chawanmushi at Ichiban. Smooth, silky and savoury with just the right amount of ingredients like gingko nut, chicken meat, crab stick and mushrooms that always make me crave for more! Like I have said before, it is one of the best chawanmushi and the standard is always there.

Appetizser and  Fruit

Kyoto-style double-fried Pork Tenderloin; Cold Japanese Green Tea Noodles with egg crepe, cucumber, tomato & spicy soba sauce.

First time I see green tea soba served with chilli padi! It did give a good heat to the soba sauce!

Close up of the pork tenderloin, Japanese green tea noodles, egg crepe, cucumber and tomato.

Close up of the pork.

Always have a soft spot for noodles and this is served room temperature. Would have been better if it was served cold, cold. The egg crepe was paper thin and the pork tenderloin was very tender but I wish there were some sauces that could go with it.

PB ordered this, Tokusen Aburi Sushi, $19.90++, to share but I was so full I have none of it! šŸ˜›

PB’s order of Sakura Blush, $25.90++ – Premium Beef with Salted Cherry Blossom Leaf Sauce; Mixed Vegetable Tempura with Sakura Shrimp, Sakaura lakes and leaves; Salmon Sashimi Salad with Jelly in Japanese Dressing; Rice topped with Sakura Shrimp and flakes; Chawanmushi; Miso soup and fruit

Spot the difference? šŸ˜›

It is the uncovered miso soup šŸ˜€

Close up of the Chawanmushi

Salmon Sashimi Salad with Jelly in Japanese Dressing

Mixed Vegetable Tempura with Sakura Shrimp.

Did not really see the shrimps but saw lots of carrots šŸ˜›

Premium Beef with Salted Cherry Blossom Leaf Sauce.

I got a sliced of the beef to try and it was good! Recommended!

Rice topped with Sakura Shrimp and flakes

Close up of the rice and the sakura shrimp.

The rice was sweet and I love it with the shrimp.

Spring Menu – “With Wild flowers, coloured mosses and streams carrying along the melted snow and ice, spring in Japan is a sign of rejuvenation that we all love to see”.

The below food pictures are actually from a 2nd visit the next day as I had a sudden craving for more of their food. I decided to combine the post into one since they are all about the spring menu.

The Spring Menu.

For a clearer pic, click here

Spring time seems to be a time for Japanese to eat mackerel and clams? Sawara, also known as Spanish Mackerel, is considered the best kind of mackerel in Japan and is featured on Ichiban’s Spring Menu.

Someone’s starving and started his rampage!

Fried Salmon Skin, $3.90++

I only had a few pieces before it was all gone!

Shishamo Fry, $6.90++

4 Breaded smelt fishes in a cute basket served with some greens.

Cross Section of the shishamo.

Not a lot of roe in this one as it is probably not the season for smelt fish. Best time to eat shishamo would be in October/November.

Seared Salmon Sashimi with Avocado in Special Sauce

This is part of the set that I ordered but it came first.

Close up of the Seared Salmon Sashimi and Avocado.

Love the creaminess the avocado added to the seared salmon.

Our FOC agedashi tofu (from the stamps card) and the ala carte chawanmushi, $3.20++. 

Must order when we are here! šŸ˜›

Close up of the agedashi tofu.

I have always wondered how they made the skin so thin and translucent.

Close up of the yummy chawanmushi!

Crab stick in the steamed egg

Hokkigai Yaki Soba, $14.90++ – Japanese stir-fried noodles with surf clams, clams, prawns and assorted vegetables with citrus pepper sauce from the spring menu

Close up of the seafood in the noodles.

I found the noodles so so only. It was a tad dry and I did not detect any citrus pepper in it and had to add my own seven spice powder to flavour it up. Perhaps the taste buds were a little muted by the deep fried items that PB ordered? šŸ˜›

Another of his rampage – Shiitake Tuna Mayo Fry, $6.90++, that came really late.

Basically there are 6 halves of breaded shiitake mushrooms heaped with tuna mayonnaise and deep-fried. Surprisingly, it did not feel oily at all.

Close section of the tuna heap on top of the mushroom.

A combination that I enjoyed very much and something that I can suggest to my helper to make the next time! šŸ˜›

Our Sawara Fry & Tataki Gozen set, $24.90++ –  Deep-Fried Spanish Mackerel & Seared Salmon Sashimi with Avocado in Special Sauce.

As the table was too full, the individual plates had  to be taken off the tray and squeezed onto the table.

Deep-Fried Spanish Mackerel and the sauce for the salad and the fish.

Close up of the Deep-Fried Spanish Mackerel with the salted cherry blossom leaf on top.

From the description on the menu, mackerel meat is supposed to be very soft and melts in your mouth but some of ours felt a tad dry. Perhaps due to the fact that it was deep-fried? The salted cherry blossom leaf tasted pretty interesting and it is the first time that I am trying one. I find it goes quite well with the fish. Try it and let me know your views. While the season last! šŸ˜›

Ichiban Boshi
8A Marina Boulevard,
#B2-14/15, Marina Bay Link Mall,
Singapore 018984
Te;:6834 3771
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30AM ā€“ 9.30PM

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