Saba Fish Set @ Korean Cuisine @100AM Koufu

My Saba Fish Set, $6, from the Korean Cuisine stall at 100AM Koufu today!

Everywhere I turn my head, I saw this on the table and hence, I decided to buy it too!

The Stall before the peak crowd is here!


Korean cuisine are always very colourful and looking at them makes you hungry!

Kimchi and Ikan bilis appetiser to start your meal.

This is banchan in its simplest form! LOL

The mountain of rice served in the Korean metal bowl.

Seaweed soup.

The star of the set – Saba Fish.

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am not a big fan of fish but this fish, if done properly, can be pretty addictive.

Look at the crispy skin and juicy meat.

One good way to get good oil is eating this 🙂 There is no fishy smell but do be careful of the bones that may be hidden in the meat.

Koufu Pte Ltd
Korean Cuisine
100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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