Rocky Master @ Mapletree Anson

For lunch today, my col suggested going to the newly opened café, Rocky Master, at the new building at Anson road called MapleTree Anson. A casual chat with the friendly staff there revealed that the place has only been opened for a few days, very evident with the congratulatory flowers at the side entrance.
Not knowing what to order, we did a quick scan of the posters in the interior and the food on the neighbouring tables.
One of my col ordered the Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti ($7.90). The portion appeared very decent and the serving of the black pepper chicken was so generous that it hid the spaghetti. 😛 She even commented that there was so much chicken that she got sick of eating it! LOL
Another col ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Spaghetti ($7.90). When it was served, I could smell the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce. When my col ate it, he said that it was a little too sweet. Other than that, the food is not bad.
After seeing the food that my cols ordered, I waited in anticipation for mine.
When my Beef Stew Spaghetti ($8.50) finally came, I was quite happy. The beef was chunky and generous, covering the entire surface of the spaghetti. The meal was balanced with some carrots and onions nicely included in the stew. It was served piping hot too. Yummy.. The beef was tender and flavoursome too! One of the staff actually told us that the snappy meals were actually prepared in a factory and delivered to each outlet where they will heat up the food so that they can serve it quickly in order to catch the lunch crowd. Although the food was not prepared in the kitchen, the quality is definitely there. My beef stew spaghetti did draw some envious look from my cols. LOL
We also ordered 2 6”pizzas from the PICKAPIZZA menu to share as we observed a lot of people eating it. It was a long wait for the pizzas as they were prepared at the café. However, the wait was worth it as we were served pizzas that were freshly out from the oven and for that price, value for money.
This is the Mushroom Pizza ($5.50). There were shiitake and button mushrooms, onions, topped with 3 types of cheese-Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan. Yum..
This is the 6” Hawaiian Pizza ($5.50). Again, the ingredients of chicken ham and pineapple are topped with 3 types of cheese. 🙂
We received a 10% discount for all our food items. We were not told the reason of the discount but gathered that it could be an opening promotion. Overall, this is a nice and affordable air-conditioned place for lunch. There is a wide variety of food you can choose from Pasta to pizza to briyani, sandwich, soup, cakes and pies. You can also chill with a nice cuppa at one of the few sofa chairs available. However, if you are heading there in big groups for lunch, do make a note to go early.

Rocky Master
60 Anson Road
#01-02 MapleTree Anson
Tel: 6224 5220

Photos taken with SE C905 (resolution reduced)

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