Roasted Duck and Honey Char Siew Rice @ Eng Kee Famous Roasted Duck 荣记著名㻋江烧腊


Roasted Duck and Honey Char Siew Rice 烧鸭叉烧饭 with Braised Egg, $5, for lunch today!

The queue was soooooo long but we just have to eat this!

Roasted ducks, pork belly and char siew hanging at the stall and the menu and prices clearly displayed.  Prices range from $3 for a char siew rice to $6 for a duck drumstick rice.

I could not decide between eating the duck rice or the char siew rice and hence, I ended up with the both! 😛 And to spice it up, I added on an egg 😛

Close up of some of the duck meat that is not drenched in the sauce 😛

The duck was very tender and the char siew is my favourite, not too lean nor too fat.  Since this stall is famous for the duck, you just got to try the duck if you have not tried it yet. The portion may be considered small for some so you may want to top up for more rice or you can always head for a healthy top up at the fruits stall in the coffeeshop 🙂

If you have a flexibility lunchtime, my suggestion is to come before 11.45am or after 1pm to avoid the long queues.

Eng Kee Famous Roasted Duck
15 Enggor Street
#01-01 Realty Food House
Singapore 079908
Tel: 98560238
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday : 11.30am to 3.30pm
Closed on Sunday and Public holidays

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