Roast Chicken Rice @ Pin Wei Chicken Rice.Noodle 品味鸡饭.面 @ Tanjong Pagar Market

My Late Lunch – Roast Chicken Rice, $3.

Decided to try out the chicken rice at this stall since I had made a mental note to do so after my last visit but I did not order the sumptuous and cheap set as it was past my stomach’s lunch time 😛

Close up of my $3 roast chicken rice.

There is actually a $2.50 option but I decided that I should have more chicken to reward myself and hence the $3 plate. 😛 Look at the generous amount of chicken breast!

Close up of the rice and tender chicken breast.

The rice was fragrant and not oily but was not as fragrant as what I had a whift of the last time 😛 The chicken was tender and easy to eat. For people who love breast, this is the one for you! I would have preferred a more tasty part which would have required more effort to eat.

The bonus I got in my soup – Collagen-y chicken feet!

It is either a yumz or a yucks when you get this. For me, I am neutral but my mum would have love this.

The Chicken rice chilli, dark sauce and the ginger which was a grinded a little too thin to get the heat from the ginger.

Pin Wei Chicken Rice.Noodle 品味鸡饭.面
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Center

Photos taken with Iphone6

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