Rice Wine Chicken Mee Sua 红糟鸡面线@ Ping Jie Ipoh Hor Fun 萍姐怡保河粉, Tanjong Pagar Mkt

Finally found a good Rice Wine Chicken Mee Sua! Would have been better if it was served in a clay pot! :p

Close up of my Rice Wine Residue Chicken Mee Sua 红糟鸡面线, $4, as it is listed on the menu.

Another view of the Mee Sua and the 4 pieces of chicken that in it.

Love the soup so much that I slurp it all up! This is actually a dish that is very nutritious and commonly eaten during confinement for ladies to replenish the lost of energy and to repair the body after giving birth. The taste of the soup will taste different depending on the yeast and rice used and the fermentation process. The residue at this stall is pretty fragrant and delicious and quite similar to the one I used to eat at Cuppage Plaza which was served in a claypot but is no longer there.

Fried Fish Dumpling, $1 for 2. 

Definitely gotta add this on for the kra-kraa in this meal ;P If 2 is not enough, you can order the full size one costing $3/$4.

For what I ate during my previous visit, click here

Ping Jie Ipoh Hor Fun 萍姐怡保河粉
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Center
Singapore 081006

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