Restoran Soon Soon Huat 顺发肉骨茶 @Johor Bahru

I have long heard about nice Bah Kut Teh just across the causeway in JB and I am finally getting to eat it today! Yeah!

My col picked us up from City Square after we battled the crowd crossing the customs and drove us to Restoran Soon Soon Huat for Bak Kut Teh Lunch. I am still clueless with the roads in Malaysia so will not be able to advise you how to get there but you can Google from the address below. It is in the Taman Sentosa area and is very near to Singapore. If there is no jam, it will probably take you 15 min to get there.

Although it was close to 1pm when we reached, the place was still full and we had to settle for a seat outside the eatery set up especially for us.

I finally understood the lure when I saw the stove that was used to cook the food – Charcoal Stove! It is so inconspicuous that I would have missed it if not for the cooks refilling it while I was there!

The myriad of ingredients that you can choose to add to your soup. Virtually all parts of the pig can be eaten and is available as extra ingredients for your soup. You can choose what you like but we could not resist and keep pointing and adding… hahah..

Top: Canned Mushrooms, Spring Onions, Canned Clams, Kidneys
Middle: Fried Bean Curd Sheets, Small Intestines, stomach, Belly, Liver
Bottom: Meat Balls, Fish Maw, Golden Mushroom

The ingredients are definitely not limited to the above…

There are big pots of cooked food waiting to be ordered and dished out and they are kept warm with charcoal stove too!

Left(Top, Bottom): Braised Beancurd, Pork Knuckles in Vinegar
Right(Top, Bottom): Preserved salted Vegetables, Braised Dou Pok (fried bean curd)

After placing our orders, dishes of cut chilli in dark soya sauce was placed on the table.

My col went to get a heap of minced garlic to be added to the chilli. He said that it will enhance the flavour of the pork. As I am afraid of the garlic breathe after eating, I did not try it but some other colleagues who did commented that the food did tasted better with the garlic. @@

A must order is the Deep-Fried Dough Fritter 油条 where you dip into the soup to soak up the goodness.. 😉

Some vegetable is definitely need and a small one is ordered since I am with a group of carnivores!

We ordered 2 portion of Pork Kuckles in Vingear. Look at how hot and boiling it was when it was served in the claypot! Woohoo…

Finally cool down a bit and we can see the meat in it. The vingear taste was not overpowering and luckily, the chilli in it added just a little kick to the dish and did not kill us with the heat! My only grouse was there was not much meat in the pot but the sauce was great drizzled over white rice!

Next , what we came for arrived – Bak Kut Teh (aka Pork Rib Soup) !!! The top view of one pot of the soup with the Pork Knuckles. It is really a big pot as can be seen above.

Our Bak Kut Teh filled to the brim with all the added ingredients! LOL… We had added so much ingredients that the pot is overflowing! hahaha… Other than the lean pork rib soup we ordered, we added fried beancurd sheets (dou kee), fish maw, golden mushroom, small intestines, kidneys, canned mushrooms and pig stomach.

We had to dig through this load of ingredients before we can reach the pork ribs below!

The meaty, lean and so tender pork rib! You have the option of fatty or lean ones and we opted for the lean ones. Each of us got about one rib each. The soup here is not the very peppery or herbal kind. There was a hint of herbs but it tasted predominantly of pork bones that were boiled for hours – the real stuff! We slurped up the soup and had more added. Imagine slurping pipping hot soup in such super hot weather. We were really sweating to the max but it was quite shiok! LOL

Our bill came up to RM183 for 9 persons inclusive of drinks.That is about RM20 (SGD 8.30) per person and I think it is value for money considering the amount of ingredients we added. For foodies who does not like the peppery nor herbal kind of Bak Kut Teh, this one is definitely for you! 🙂

Restoran Soon Soon Huat 顺发肉骨茶
236 Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa
80150 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia
K.K (HP: +60 12763 9777)


Photos taken with Iphone4s

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