Restaurant Week 2015 – Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar @ Purvis Street

My first time attending Restaurant Week thanks to PB’s enthusiasm!

My very cute, part one of three items on my Banana Banana Banana Dessert Plate. Can you guess what it is? 🙂

This is my first time trying out restaurants during Restaurant Week! During this week, you can make reservations to dine in (participating) high quality restaurants without breaking your pockets! It offers you a glimpse of the food/ambience you can expect and if you really like it, they can be considered for future dining options. Had tried getting PB to go  previously but failed so misery that I have given up hope until I received emails alerts for the bookings he made for lunch this week!

Garibaldi is located at 36 Purvis Street and it is not diffcult to spot it with the prominent sign protruding from the row of shop houses. If you still have difficulty, it is almost directly opposite of Saveur.

If not for the protruding sign, you may miss the entrance if a Big vehicle happens to park right outside the restaurant. Valet parking is available if you do not want to attempt the parallel parking along the roadside. Alternatively, you can park at many of the big carparks around it and take a short walk to the restaurant.

The signage at the resaturant

The lovely bar area

View from where we were seated. Very nice ambience!  The pro about visiting such restaurants during Restaurant Week is that you will definitely not feel lonely in such fine dining setting as it would probably be running at full house. The cons would be service/food may not be up to standard.

Table setting. Very elegant display

The Lunch Set menu for Restaurant Week 2015 at $40++/pax

Bread Sticks with salt. Very nice contrast of the colours

I love the effect that this table mat exude. Never mind that there is a little tear in it.

For whatever reason, PB decided to order a white wine, Pinot Grigio, $24,  to accompany the meal. Drinking during lunch on a working day is the last thing on my mind but I could not resist taking sips of this lovely wine. 😛

Another view of the wine. Someone is in splurging mode today! 😛

House bread was served warm on an arc plate accompanied with Olive oil.

Reflections of the lovely lights can be seen from my Olive oil!

It took a while for our soup, Seafood Soup “Acqua Pazza” Style with Oregano and Fresh Tomato, to be served as they had probably given our portion to the wrong table.

Close up of the seafood in the soup.

There was 2 big prawns, one big scallop and one big slice of fish.

Digging up more seafood – squids! One of my prawns was not too fresh 🙁

But they have all been nicely deshelled, leaving only the head attached to the meat for you suck off. The soup was a little salty on its own but compliments the seafood nicely.

As there were 2 option for main course, we got one of each.

 Home-Made Saffron Fettuccine with Jumbo Prawns and Trombetta Zucchini

When the pasta was placed in front of me, I could smell a fresh citrus smell that is so refreshing! Cant help taking a few more sniffs of it!

Close up of the jumbo prawn.

There was one big jumbo prawn on it on top of the pasta. Love the texture and taste of the pasta and I could have polish it off if it weren’t because I had to share with PB! 😛

The other option of main course – Baby Pork Drum Stick Confit with Chestnut Gnocchi and Mushroom

Close up of the Chestnut Gnocchi and Mushroom

The portion for this main course may look small but that is really deceiving as the meat and gnocchi will fill you up.

Perfectly cooked pork drum.

See how easily it can be taken away from the bone? Thumbs up!

Dessert – Banana Banana Banana

Have you guess that this is Banana Sorbet? It is so cute right? The Banana taste was pretty intense in this sorbet and yet feels light. I dunno how that is achieved 😛

This is the Banana Parfait. 

And this is the  Chocolate Banana Tartellette  – a little bitter.

I like the banana sorbet the most out of the 3 desserts.

And to end the meal, we have a option of tea/coffee and both of us opted for coffee.

Aromatic and intense.

Served with button biscuits

This is PB’s play with the milk on his coffee – his latte art. I do not know what he wanted to make but somehow, it looks like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to me.. LOL

Taking a leaf from him, this is my lousy first attempt at making a heart shape latte art.. hahahahhaha

Our bill came up to $122.41 after adding the wine, service and GST charge. The wine cost more that half of one of our RW lunch! For the variety, attentive service and quality of food,  this RW lunch is pretty value for money.  One suggestion I have is to vary the seafood use as there may be an overdose of prawns (prawns in seafood soup and jumbo prawn in main course) for the starter and main. Maybe another meat option could be provided for people who do not like pork.

This restaurant is definitely going into my “To-Visit List” for special occasions and celebrations.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
36 Purvis Street
Singapore 188613
Tel: +65 6837 1468
Fax: +65 6337 3770
Opening Hours: Everyday
Lunch: 12:00pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

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