Restaurant Week 2016 – La Nonna @Namly Place

Shortlisted La Nonna from the participating restaurants that are still available for booking for our first Restaurant Week tasting this season based on the decent reviews, my italian food craving and the location – away from the bustling city.

Entrance of the Restaurant above a steep 5-6 steps staircase, nestled in a quiet and atas Namly Estate.

Parking is free just outside the restaurant if you can find available slots.

Clearer view of the Interior of the restaurant


Menu – Pizza

The pizza menu looks good!

Menu – From the wood oven and Main Courses

Menu – Desserts and Cheese

Menu – Drinks

Menu – Sparkling wine, red/white house pour and premium pour wines

Restaurant Week brought us here and this is the set dinner menu that the restaurant has put together just for this week – The La Nonna’s Signature Set Dinner @ $38++ per pax.

Since there are 2 options for the appetiser, main course and dessert and there are 2 of us, we did not have to wreck our brains too hard. 🙂

The Signage of La Nonna by Senso from where we were seated.

The interior as seen from where we were seated

The Chef at work baking pizzas in the oven.

Our companion for the night – Kitty from the nearby clinic that has closed for the day.

I cannot resist ordering a Prosecco when I am at Italian Restaurants.

Love the fruity and fragrant Prosecco, $12++, though it is only slightly more than half full.

My Prosecco and the house bread against the Namly Estate.

A very quiet estate and I love the feel of the entire place. Really feels like we are dinning at Grandma’s place. 🙂

Complimentary House bread and bread sticks.

Love the bottles used to hold the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The design looks like what Nonna will buy and use 🙂

Discovery of a heartshape bread 🙂

Our bread dips

First up – the appetisers.

Gioppino – Traditional Seafood Soup with Garlic Croutons

I had thought it was a tomato soup from the consistency, texture and taste. There were no sight of any seafood in the soup too.

Proscuitto di Parma e Melone – Aged 18 months D.O.P Parma Ham with Rock Melon

Close up of the Parma Ham with the Rock Melon

The melon was a tad hard but its sweetness went well with the parma ham.

While waiting for our main course, entertained myself with the glasses for our water. Do you know which is for hot and which is for cold water? 😛

Main Course – Spigola – Pan-Fried Sea Bass with grilled Eggplant and Tomatoes on Basil sauce

When this dish was served, my impression of it was that it looks way too dark. If not for the tomatoes around it, the dish looks pretty dead. The portion of the fish was a little small and the skin was way too charred.

Close up of the meaty part of the fish.

This is the first time I had to wrestle with a FISH! The skin was so tough to cut through that I had a hard time dividing the portion for PB to taste. The smell of the dish was not too pleasant too.

I am terribly sorry that I had to reject this fish although I tried to eat it after the initial bad impression. It was way overcooked. The skin was charred and the meat was so dry and tough that I could not even separate it.

The very first time in my life that I had to reject a dish (PB agreed too) and get the service staff to replace it.

Pappardelle – Homemade Pappardelle Pasta with Duck Confit Ragout, Shiitake Mushroom and Thyme

Close up of the home-made pasta.

This dish was lovely!

It has a resemblance to the Chinese Kway Teow, just a bit fatter and longer. 😛 Love the texture of the thick big strips of pasta that is coated with the sauce but wish there could be more ingredients in it.

The replaced Pan-fried Sea Bass looks way better and the portion slightly bigger.

Close up of the sea bass.

Unfortunately, the sea bass was just not fresh. It feels like it has been cured as I still could not separate it from the skin. The top bit was dry and the bottom bit has a funny taste and texture. Pretty disappointed that a simple dish can fail like that.

The service staff did not check back if this fish was OK but from my portion left on the plate, the answer was very clear so basically, we only had one main course 🙁

Time for Desserts! Luckily the desserts were OK.

Orange Creme Brulee – Orange-flavoured custard with caramelized sugar crust and fresh berries

Close up of the orange flavoured custard with the strawberry.

Tiramisu – Homemade Venetian Tiramisu

This cannot go wrong in an Italian Restaurant right?


Coffee/Tea was included in the set. Love the design of the teaspoon. The coffee smells great but was just too bitter for our liking.

Our meal came up to $103.58 after adding my Prosecco, 10%GST and 7% service charge. We might have been better off ordering ala carte and getting the pizzas which seemed to be very popular with the patrons. Quite a few customers came by just to pick the pizzas up! It is really a pity that the Restaurant Week Menu is not up to standard and the ride in was just not justifiable.

La Nonna
76 Namly Place
Singapore 267226
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12pm-2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm

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