Restaurant Week 2015 – Wolf Nose to Tail Dining @ Gemmil Lane

One of the better lunches I had during this Restaurant Week!

Today, we are headed to WOLF for our 4th Restaurant Week Adventure. Prior to set off, I did a quick search about WOLF, something vastly different from my usual style as I prefer to step into any establishment without reading any reviews so that I can have an unbiased view of the food/place. I was surprised that behind the WOLF name is actually a pork-centric restaurant by The Privé Group. What is the correlation between Wolf and Pig/Pork?? The only thing I can think of is the Big Bad Wolf hunting down the 3 Little Pigs. 😛

Wolf is located at the Club Street area and it took us 2 turns around Gemmil Lane to spot it as it is “blocked” by an MPV. 😛 Parking is very limited right outside the restaurant so you can park at the big carpark at Club Street and walk in. Alternatively, you may like to take the train to Telok Ayer Station and take a stroll in. Just look out for the numbers on the wall and when you see white fans hanging from the ceiling, you are at WOLF. 🙂

Table outside the restaurant for smokers with the restaurant’s name card and 3 little pigs on the table.

Stepping into the resturant, you are greeted by the bar couunter and a long stretch of tables that can seat about 40 pax.

On the right side of the wall is a cute PIG with its part nicely marked out on the chalkboard. Pork Education at its best! haha

The Wolf on the wall starring at me from my seat 😛

Looking up, I like those “scales” on the ceiling 😛


The Restaurant Week 2015 Set Lunch Menu – $25++/person

OK, back to what we came for – FOOD!  Since there was 2 of everything, PB and I just made it very easy and told the waiter that we will have one of each. In this way, we get to try everything on the menu.

While waiting for our food, can’t help but notice this on the table. How many pigs do you see?

The house bread was served pretty quickly. It was nice but unfortunately it was not warm.

Soft fluffy bread that goes well with the butter.

Starter – Fried Pig’s Head with fine yellow frisée, red chicory, gribiche.

I was a little skeptical of this dish as I have NEVER eaten pig’s head before and before it was served, I was wondering how it will look like… Pig’s head.. fried.. erm…

Thankfully it has been taken apart, thinly coated and nicely deep fried and presented so nicely that it looked like some crab cake 😛

Cross section of the Fried Pig’s Head.

You can see that the head has been taken apart and all that is left is the fats/collagen and some meat. Unfortunately, I found it too “porky”. I did not notice the gribiche underneath the red chicory that can help to cut the greasiness until PB told me about it. 🙁

Starter – Vichyssoise
Chilled leek & potato soup, mud crab, pickled carrots, chive, avruga

Close up of the soup.

This dish is served cold and I much prefer this to the pig’s head.

Next came my Main – Pan-roasted Tornado of Norwegian Salmon served with savoy cabbage & wild rice, hazelnut balsamic dressing.

View of the cabbage and wild rice with the nicely seared salmon behind.

Close up of the wild rice.

PB does not like the wild rice but I kind of like its texture. There is some bite to it unlike the normal rice and goes really well with the dressing.

Grilled Nagano Pork Chop served with maple-glazed sweet potatoes, kale, black pudding stuffed sprouts,juniper berry mustard jus

You must definitely eat the pork main when you are here! Most customers choose this for the main and I was contemplating getting this as well instead of the salmon but since we have 2 person, we can taste both!

Love the sweet potatoes as they are really moist and sweet! Wish there could be more!

Close up of the grilled pork with our option of mustard seed sauce.

Cross section of the pork. It is so white!

I took a big bite of the lean part of the pork chop. No fats but it is not dry. I like! Overheard the next table describing the aftertaste as like eating Bak Kuah! lol

As PB was chomping away, I saw some pink parts and realised that the default doneness of the pork was supposed to be medium so I guess ours was overdone. Better overdone than bloody as what I read from some reviews. 😛

The long bone resting on the veg

There were some stuffing in the veg. Surprise!

Desserts are served!

The service staff had observed that we were sharing everything and hence, placed the dessert in the center of the table and all the necessary cutlery for us to enjoy both desserts.

Fine Apple Tart with caramelised pistachios, vanilla bean ice cream, smoky lard caramel

I only had a few bites of this as PB polished it off way too quickly. Had to snatch it from him! The lard taste in the caramel was pretty obvious and it was only upon relooking the description that we realised that lard is present.

The other choice of dessert – Lemon Posset with burnt meringue, citrus crumble, candied orange

Close up of the burnt meringue, citrus crumble, candied orange

The Lemon Posset is like a creamy lemon pudding which is sweet yet has a certain degreee of tartness. I find it a nice dessert to end off my meal but PB found it too tart for his liking and that was why he polished off the apple tart so quickly!

PB added on a Latte, $6

And the neatly piled up sugar cubes served by the side.

Our bill came back tucked nicely in a card rather than the usual fold up manner.

And inside the card was 3 pigs standing tall and holding hands with a quote by Fergus Henderson -“It’s only polite really if you knock an animal on the head to eat it all: tripe, heart, feet. ears, head, tail. It’s all good stuff.”  And that is what WOLF Nose to Tail Dining is about. 🙂

Overall, a nice lunch-ing experience with prompt service and good food! So good that pigs can fly too! 🙂

There are still 2 days left for this edition of Restaurant Week so quickly grab your seats if you have not. This is one good deal not to be missed!

If have missed this Restaurant week, fret not for they have weekly set lunches available from $32++.

18 Gemmil Lane
Singapore 069255
Tel : +65 6557 2224
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Saturday: 6pm – Midnight
Closed on Sunday

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