Restaurant Ember @ Keong Siak Road

Been a while since we came back to this area at Keong Siak Road. Dong Ya is a great place to play the Pokemon game as it has 2 Pokemon stops very close to each other and you can recharge and enjoy your Pokemon Game have a lovely dinner all at the same time! Hahaha.. But this was not what we came here for.

Walking down to Hotel Ember with its unique chairs to reach Restaurant Ember – our chillax dinner place for tonight!

The cute terrarium sphere at the counter.

Love the cosy interior

Set Dinner Menu where you can have a 4 course set dinner at $78++ per person or 3 Course set dinner for $68++  per person.

For a clear picture of the set dinner menu, click here.

We wasted no time in deciding that the 4 course is the way to go! šŸ˜›

House bread made of sun-dried tomatoes was served very pretty quickly after we placed out orders.

Close up of the crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

We fancied another portion and was told it is chargeable at $2++. Ordered it but I think they forgot the order as our appetizers were served.

Light casting shadows on the ala carte menu on the table which explains why my photos are are taken at a certain angle šŸ˜›

Ala Carte Menu – Snacks

Ala Carte Menu – Appetizers

Ala Carte Menu – Main Course

Ala Carte Menu – Desserts

Table set for our dinner

Prosecco, $14++.

The mini indulgence that PB never denied me!

Amuse Bouche


Cannot remember what this was but  you are supposed to eat it with the cheese dip

Close up of the intricate amuse bouche


Tiny peek of the kitchen from where we were seated

Course 1:  Soup – Market Pumpkin with Galanga and Pumpkin Seeds

Close up of the pumpkin seeds served on a pastry that is in between a cracker and a bread.

Love that the soup is served pipping hot and it was kinda interesting to get a hint of galanga in a pumpkin soup.

Course 1: Angelhair with Jicarna, Bonito and Shimeiji

Absolutely love it!

Another view of the Angel Hair.

It was so good that I think I can have 10 of this!

Course 2: Scallops with Cauliflower, Preserved Lemon and Cilantro

Another thumbs up dish!

Course 3: Ah Hua Kelong Seabass

Close up of the seabass served with tomato butter and wild fungus

Beautifully crisp and perfectly cooked!

It was so tender and juicy and such a great contrast to the last fish we had at another restaurant during Restaurant Week. šŸ˜›

Course 3: Vension with pea shoots, banana shallots and wild rice

Close up of the deer meat

Love the sweet crispy wild rice which gave a nice contrast to the the texture of the vension!

Close up of the pea shoots

Perfectly done vension and for the unknown, it tasted just like beef.

Course 3: Market Pork Belly with enoki, parsley and cashew

Close up of the pork belly topped with deep fried enoki mushrooms

The parley sauce helped to take away the saltiness of the pork belly sauce

Cross section of the pork belly.

Comparing the vension to the pork belly, the vension was way better though both were a tad too salty.

Pre-dessert palate cleanser

Hibiscus Jelly

Very fine hibiscus ice sahvings on the very chilled jelly. Nice!

All gone!

Course 4: Dessert – Kaffir Lime, Coconut, lemongrass

Looking at this transported me to those days when I was watching the Australian Masterchef! Every piece of dessert is an art and it tasted great too!

Love this dessert and I feel that it is a great dessert to wrap up the meal.

Course 4: Banana ,Vanilla, Dark Chocolate

Close up of the Brownie and Ice cream

The brownie was quite dense. Good on its own but not after so many courses.

Overall a very pleasant dining experience with intricately prepared food but parking in this area may be a bit tricky so do consider taking public transport.

Restaurant Ember
50 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089154
Tel: 6347 1928
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm, Dinner: 6pm – 10pm
Saturday: 6pm to 10pm, Closed on Sunday

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