Red Pig Original Charcoal Korean Restaurant @ Amoy Street

Off to our 3rd Korean Food pig-out dinner at Amoy Street and look at our spread!

PB is on a Korean BBQ rampage and it is Korean food for dinner again tonight!

Checking out our 3rd Korean restaurant along this street – Red Pig Original Charcoal Korean Restaurant. PB’s aim is to cover all the Korean Restaurants along this street!

Close up of the entrance of the restaurant. Such a cute red pig as their logo!

The interior of the restaurant from where we were seated. Look at all the pipes from the hood carrying the smoke away. Despite it being only 6.30pm. the resturant is almost full.

Close up of the hood that brings the smoke away while waiting for PB place the order.

The menu looks so cute with the red pig looking as if he has conquered the world! LOL

We were served tea here instead of just water.

The food here was served very quickly. The waitress pushed out a trolley with 6 side dishes and our meat order. Very efficient.

Side dish #1: Corn with Mayonnaise. You are only allowed one serving of this side dish. If you would like extra serving of this, you would need to pay an additional $5.

Side dish #2:  I call this the egg roll. Similarly, only one serving per seating. Extra serving chargable at $5.

Side dish #3: Kimchi. At first I was wondering what it was as it looks like radish instead of kimchi with only the stem of the cabbage seen on this plate. LOL

Side dish #4: Some combination of bean spouts, lettuce and spring onions with the kimchi seasoning.

Side dish #5: Toufu with chilli flakes and soy. I quite like this banchan and actually had a second serving. 😛 The beancurd is pretty bland on it own but the soya sauce, sesame and chilli actually gave it pretty good flavours.

Side dish #6: Pickled Radish. A very cleansing side dish that can help you detox too! 😛

Korean BBQ will never be complete without the lettuce!

And the raw garlic and green cut chillies to wrap with your meat.

Also, the bean paste is a must with some spiced oil for you to dip your meat in.

Our meat came served together on a plate and came with 2 slices of mushroom

Close up of our Galbisal, Beef Rib Meat without bone, $28.

Close up of our Bbalgam Doiji, Red Pig $20.

And here comes our flaming hot charcoal!

With the lid put on, we can start BBQ-ing!

Peek of the flaming hot charcoal beneath the lid

First on goes our beef rib.. So shiok to hear the sizzling of the meat.. 🙂

Flipping the meat over to reveal the nicely charred side. Look at the juice/oil oozing out.

This was how I ate my beef. 😛 I added the bean paste and some of the bean sprouts from the side dish into my lettuce, wrapped it and threw the whole thing into my mouth! hee…. Never ever do that on your first date! haha..

Next we grilled the red pork. It was smoking so much that we pulled the hood real close to suck it all away

Flipping over to reveal the nicely charred side. It was juicy but a tad spicy. To extinguish the fieriness, just eat some toufu or egg stuff.

We also ordered a Maemul Pajoen, Seafood Pancake, $18 to go with our meal.

Top view of our pancake.

Sorry couldn’t avoid the shadow being casted on the food :p. Was trying to take a quick shot so that I can go back to BBQ-ing my meats. 😀

Close up of the squid and spring onions in the pancake.

It was crispy on the outside and still chewable on the inside. Dip it into the sauce provided and you get a whole new flavour. I liked my dunked in the sauce. LOL

Our meal came up to $72.60 which included only service charge, no GST. Very decent and efficient service. The only downside was the chargeable banchan.  If you are coming in big groups, it would be recommended to make reservation in advance.

Red Pig Original Charcoal Korean Restaurant
93 Amoy Street
Singapore 069913
Tel: 62207176

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – Lunch: 11.30am – 2pm, Dinner: 6-11pm
Saturday: 6-11pm
Sunday/Public Holiday: 6-10pm

Photos taken with Iphone4S

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