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Ramen outlets are sprouting all over the island and it is not a surprise that one came to Icon Village. It is not difficult to spot the recently opened Ramen Culture as it lies on the main eating area at Icon Village. Just enter the sliding door from Sakae Sushi, walk straight and you will be able to see it.

As we were very late for lunch (2pm to be exact), there was no contention for seats. 😛  
The eatery is not big. This is the interior of eatery with their logo on the wall. The black “plate” at the back of the seat actually holds your order so that the staff will know what you ordered and if the dishes were served.

This is view of the counter seats we had from where we sat. The area behind the row of bowls of all sizes is actually the kitchen.  “Explosions” could be heard at times while the food was being prepared. ( I had not believe it when I read a review online that there were “explosions” but witnessing it for myself, it was quite funny. Which food preparation requires such “explosion”?? ;P ). Some food was not available throughout the day/week as specified on the 2 pages of Full day menu and 2 pages of Dinner/weekend Menu. 

Full Day Menu 01

Full Day Menu 02

Dinner/Weekend Menu 01 

Dinner/Weekend Menu 02
It was not a difficult choice since we only had 2 pages to choose from. We were wondering what the difference between the Super Black Pig Shabu Ramen and the Black Pig Shabu Ramen was. A check with the waiter revealed that the Super Black Pig Shabu Ramen had a thicker broth and more ingredients than the Black Pig Shabu Ramen. Not convinced and not too hungry, I settled for the Black Pig Shabu Ramen 
Something else that caught my eye in the menu was the eggs. There were 2 types of eggs being offered, White Egg and Tasty Egg.
The White Egg cost $1 and looks really white on the menu while the Tasty Egg cost almost double!
The Tasty Egg that costs $1.80 which I ended up adding to my ramen to satisfy my curiosity of how tasty the egg could be! HAHA 
The Super Black Pig Shabu Ramen ($16)  that my col ordered came first.
Quickly followed by my Black Pig Shabu Ramen ($13.80) and Tasty Egg ($1.80) by the side.  It does not look very different from the super one just that my bowl was smaller. 
Another col’s Sapparo Delux Ramen ($14.80) served in a very big but shallow bowl.
Close up of my ramen. It was the curly kind and texture was just right. However, I was a little disappointed to find one lump of it at the bottom. The soup may look frightening spicy but rest assured, it was not spicy at all and we had to resort to adding the chilli powder ourselves.
Close up of the pork and my tasty egg. There was a hint of buttery taste to the pork. Perhaps they cooked it in butter before adding it to the soup?
Close up of the Tasty Egg. It was indeed tasty and the inside was nicely done. However, most would find $1.80 too expensive to pay for an egg.
Overall, Ramen Culture is a good place for lunch if you are sick and tired of the food at the nearby hawker centers or coffeeshops. Service was prompt and pricing was reasonable. DO be warned that it is not a place where you can sit and chat after you are done with your meal as space is really quite limited.
Ramen Culture @ Icon Village
12 Goepng Street
#01-82/83 Icon Village
Singapore 078878
Tel: 6222 5110
Opening Hours:Mon – Sun 11:15am to 10pm (last order at 9.45pm)
  1. slowchomp

    This resturant has closed and is replaced by Saigon Cafe

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