Quiznos Sub @ Icon Village

This was what lured us to the lunch place today!!! LOL..
How can you resist 50% off your meal? What’s more, with a description that says, “Every Quiznos Sub is made wih special spices, freshly-sliced meats and veggies piled high over the soft & toasty Quiznos Bread“, how can you not be tempted??
I have not heard of Quiznos Sub before and did not even know that they have so many outlets in Singapore already. The outlet at Icon Village is the 5th outlet in Singapore, with the other four at Square 2, Orchard Central, Far East Square and West Coast Plaza.
Tempted by the offer of the week, 50% off 6″ Zesty Grill Steak on rosemary parmesan, thinly-sliced steak, mozzarella, cheddar, mushrooms, sauteed onions, honey boubon mustrad and zesty grilled sauce, my cols and I decided to check out the place. 
Sitting area was pretty limited and I guess the promotion coupons worked in luring the crowd as the queue was so long that it almost went out of the air-conditioned area of Icon Village. Either that or the staff were still very new and not used to the pace of work. Anyhow, after a long wait, I finally got my sandwich!!
Took a quick snap of my sandwich after picking it up from the counter. This looks nowhere near the pic on the coupon! It looked like a big mess of beef, cheese, onions and mushrooms slapped on the bread.
A pic of my col’s sandwich after adding the honey mustard and horseradish sauce which we had to self-help at the counter.
We had to add-on a combo in order to get 50% off the sandwich. For the combo, it comes with drink and a selection of either a soup, cookie or chips. The picture above is the chicken noodle soup that my col opted for.
This is the broccolli cheese soup that I chose. The black bits are freshly ground black pepper.  I might have been a little too zeslous with turning the pepper grinder šŸ˜›
This is my meal from Quiznos Sub that cost me $6.15. Not very cheap afterall but the beef tasted fresh and nicely grilled. However, it was a little too thinly sliced, to the extent that it looked like minced beef instead. The portion of beef was also deemed insufficient by Moi. Soup was not bad and the bread was very soft and  nicely toasted. A little disappointment was that the ‘veggies piled high‘ was no where in sight. 
Overall, all of us decided that it is decent food given the pricing but there are definitely better options available. DO expect to wait a while for a seat if you arrive at the standard lunch timing.

Quiznos Sub
12 Gopeng Street
#01-45 Icon Village
Tel: 6225 4473

Photos taken with SE C905 (resolution reduced)

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