Pronto by Al Dente @ Great World City

Great World City seems to be the default place we will go to when we want to avoid the crowd. Today is a special day but due to work commitments, no restaurant reservation was made. All we decided was that we should meet up and get a meal together.

Pronto looks like a decent place for a mini celebration and what makes it more special is they have a 1-for-1 pizza/pasta promotion. We have not tried going for such deals since getting together hence this should be one of the very first value for money deal that we are going to. Something to remember perhaps?  😛 I was also left with the ordering of the entire meal which is not too difficult a task since I ordered items with a thumbs-up beside it – Chef’s Recommendation!

The menu at Pronto is very simple – 2 pages sums it all. On one side you have the breakfast, sandwich, pasta, snacks, main course and salad selection.

On the other, you have a selection of pizzas, soup, beverages and dessert.

I started with a Lychee Paradise ($6). It looks very pretty with the 3 layers but after stirring the mixture together, it tasted like cough syrup to me. :0

I had originally wanted start our meal with a pot of mussels but the waitress told us that they have ran out of live mussels. Disappointed, I proceeded to order a salad. I could not resist the temptation of the description of the chef’s recommendation, Soft Shell Crab Salad ($12)– Fried Soft shell crab with watermelon and mango salsa and crab sauce mesclun salad. Soft shell crab is one of my date’s favourite and the pairing with such refreshing fruits and salad makes it a healthier dish to chomp on. LOL.

 The crab was nicely covered by the salad and that helps to keep it warm too! I find that the crab is nicely fried and the salad and sauce makes it non-oily at all! Nice dish to start the meal. 🙂

I had added on the Al Fungi Soup ($6.50) after placing our orders as a substitute for mussels as I felt that we lack variety. LOL.. We are very used to the table being awfully filled by now with food from all sections on the menu. 😛 I had previously eaten at Pronto and remembered the mushroom soup to be more chunky, that is, the mushroom is not as finely blended as the one today. It felt more watery than previously but does go well with the bread 🙂

Fettuccine Scallops ($18) – The heat in the spicy tomato sauce gives this pasta a character that other scallop pasta does not have. I guess some sun-dried tomatoes were used in making the sauce which gives it the additional flavour and richness. I love the combination of the scallops, crushed garlic, zuchinni and spicy tomato with the al dente fettuccine. A great dish to be shared. 🙂

Beef Diavolo Salami Pizza ($16.50) – We were quite full by the time the pizza arrived. It smells great and looks like how a true italian pizza should be – simple but delicious! The crust was thin and crispy, wood fried to perfection, and the parmesan cheese was generous. The only grouse we had was that it felt like there were some oil drizzled on certain slices. Did the oil come from the cheese, we were not sure. Other than that, it was perfect!

Overall a very satisfying meal and not too damaging to the pocket. ;p Strongly recommended as you get quality food at superb pricing with the 1 for 1 pizza/pasta promotion and also, no jostling with the crowd needed.  One word for the management though – it may be time to change the mat on table. 😉


Pronto by Al Dente
Great World City, #02-K2/K3,
1 Kim Seng Promenade, (S)237994
Tel: 6734 7334



Photos taken with Iphone4 and SE C905

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