Project 2010

Somehow had this random thought while having lunch this afternoon..

Maybe I should just embark on Project 2010, that is, to attempt to update slowchomp on a daily basis since this blog was setup with the intention of “documentating” the food that I eat.. lol…

Seems like a tall order for me, but then again, it is not exactly too difficult to accomplish. Since Julie Powells can attempt and blog about Julia Child’s 524 recipes in a year, why can I just blog about what I eat in 365 days a year?

🙂 🙂 : )

Time will tell if this Project will take off  😉

  1. LatteAddict

    always good to set goals, but maybe a slightly more realistic one? one post per week?

    think even KF Seetoh will have probs updating a blog everyday loh.. then again, if you really get down doing it, potentially can be lucarative enough as a full time job le..

    nvtheless, u have an avid fan here, who will check in daily, regardless of the frequency of update :o)

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