Professor Brawn Cafe @ Novena Square

What does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul? – Book of Matthew.

Where in the world would you see such a quote? Well, you would probably see them in books or the Internet but I saw this on the chalkboard in Professor Brawn Café, located on the 2nd level of Novena Square.

This café was opened by family and friends who, besides wanting to provide affordable good food, wanted make a difference to the special needs of the community and others who needed a leg up in the community. I find this very noble and wish that more people can support them in their efforts in helping the society. To know how the name Professor Brawn came about, read here.

The service staffs were very friendly and made us felt at home. They were attentive and responded immediately once we were ready to order after browsing through the menu.

You can treat yourself to a Professor Brawn Special which consist of a hearty soup of the day, Special Black Miso Cod and a choice of coffee/tea or soft drink for just $22.90 or you can select from the list of set meals available.
For dinner, there are 5 different set meals that you can choose from and they come with a main course, soup of the day and their house drink (orange or lime juice). As racking our brains was the last thing we wanted to do, we opted for the set meals.
Our drink of Orange and Lemon came very promptly and so did our soup. The drinks brought back some fond childhood memories. If u share the same childhood as I did where juice concentrates were one big thing, you will know what I mean 🙂
The soup of the day that was served piping hot was Tomato Soup. It was smooth and had a certain consistency, quite unlike the clear tomato soup (those that looked like minestrone soup) I normally get and was expecting. It tasted kind of like chicken soup infused with tomatoes, with the tomatoes flavour hitting you at the end of every mouthful in a very subtle way.
For my set, I had the Gourmet Sausage with Rosti ($14.90). There were 6 different kinds of sausages that I could choose from, namely, Chicken Bratwurst, Black Pepper Chicken Sausage, Cheesy Chicken Sausage, English Pork Bratwurst, Spicy Italian Pork Sausage and Swiss Cheese Pork Sausage. We shortlisted to the English Pork Bratwurst and Spicy Italian Pork Sausage and I ended up choosing the English Pork Bratwurst as I really missed the Porky whites I had in London!
The rosti was very generous but I wished that it could be crispier. 🙂 The sour cream and salad at the side was great accompaniment to the dish!
The Grilled Chicken with Truffle Sauce ($12.90) was very well prepared too. The portion was generous, the chicken was well marinated and the skin was so crispy that even a non chicken skin lover like me ended up devouring it. 😛
The wedges that came with the dish were right at the bottom of the chicken and there cannot be a better place for them! All the excess truffle sauce was soaked up by the wedges. All I can say is you would not be able to get enough of this goodness! 😉
It is difficult to miss the Cafe on the 2nd level of Novena Square with such a lovely ice cream cart and unique chalkboard deco. The next time you are at Novena Square, why not just pop into the cafe and support their good cause?

Professor Brawn Café
#02-78/79 Novena Square,
238 Thomson Road Singapore 307683

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