Pre-Tea Q 艷芋茶社 @Muar JB, revisited

My very yummy and cooling dessert on such a hot day!

We were racking our brains for a nice place to chill and my sister suggested coming here. I had visited this cafe before and loved the relax ambience of the place and the fact that it is not too crowded in the afternoon.

Nice to see that there are new addition to the exterior but sit on the swing at your own risk as it is provided for photo taking only and not for swinging. Even sitting on it for a picture poses some risk as it is totally unstable and I myself fell while posing for a picture with my little ones as there was nothing firm for me to hold on to. Thank goodness the little ones aint hurt!

The very simple Xmas tree with plastic cup streamers outside the cafe

Xmas deco at the entrance

Stepping into the cafe, you can see string of reindeers and Santa Claus on a sledge above you Nice!

The very special sofa area cordon off for some privacy. For big group, you can book that area to chill which we did the last time round.

Flipping through the menu, there are so many things to order that I could not make up my mind.

Menu – GG Green Tea Series

Menu – QQ Health Series

Menu – Grass Jelly Series

Counter where you place your orders

The ingredients that go onto our desserts

Service staff scooping out the toppings to go onto our desserts.

I could not make up my mind to order only a drink or have a hot/cold desserts as everything looks good so in the end, I ended up with a cold drink and a big bowl of cold dessert!

My sister’s order of the recommended Grass Jelly Q1 with added Matcha Q 嫩仙草Q1, RM(6.90 + 1.50).  Very nice colours with the Yam Q,  Sweet Potato Q, Matcha Q and pearls.

View with milk added

Mu Cuz’s order of Fresh Coconut Black and White Jelly 椰皇黑白冻, RM12.90. It has the best of both worlds as you get silky smooth beancurd and grass jelly  in a coconut husk topped with 5 glutinous rice balls. Lovely presentation but we found it a little expensive.

My Grass Jelly Q2 嫩仙草Q2, RM6.90, with Sweet Potato Q, Corn Sago and Peanut.

Close up of the corn sago. Very interesting

View with milk added. The grass jelly was very smooth and fragrant and the texutre of the sweet potato Q was just nice! Compared to the last time I had it, this was way nicer and they aint overly sweet! Yumz!

My well mixed bowl where you get everything in one mouthful! It has been a very long time since I indulged myself with such a big bowl of ice cold dessert but I had no problem finishing this! *Slurps*

They have snacks available too in case you are hungry

Cheesy sausages 酥炸芝士香肠 RM6. Nice and the kids love it!

Curly Fries卷曲薯条 RM7. Very crispy and delicious too.

Drinks that we ordered – Pearl Milk Tea 珍珠奶茶 RM6.90 & Kumquat GG Green Tea 金桔果果绿 RM6.90

Look at the amount of ingredients in the cup. A very thirst quenching and satisfying drink! 🙂

Overall a nice place to chill in if you are in the vicinity. A place that can fight Gong Cha and Black Taro!  🙂

Pre-Tea Q 艷芋茶社
No.36A, Jalan Mohamadiah,
84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 6953 6381
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday : 11am – 12midnight

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