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How time flies!! It is 2013!!! Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet?? I have not made mine but a New Year greeting SMS I received reminded me that the very first resolution that I should make should be just that – ” Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince & Dinner like a Beggar”.  This is actually a translation from the Chinese version: 早餐吃得包,午餐吃得好, 晚餐吃得少. The first meal of the day is important to start to the day properly and to give you the energy required to last the whole day. Dinner, as is mentioned, should be little like a beggar as that is when your body is going to rest and you should not be loading it with a lot of food.

The meal that started off my very first day of 2013.

The intention was to start off the new year with a sumptuous eggy brunch but arrrgh…. Arbite was closed! After much debate, we decided to cross over to Pow Sing at the other side of the road  for Chicken Rice! A local delight to start our 2013!

Pow Sing Restaurant is closed as they are open for the lunch and dinner crowd and anything between 3-5pm is their break time. Pow Sing Kitchen further down the stretch is open though and they do serve chicken rice. The only difference between them is the other dishes that they serve.

Panoramic shot I took of the interior while deciding what to eat

Tempting Dishes from the menu

I was distracted from my original intent of eating chicken rice after seeing that they serve wanton noodles here too! Ended up ordering a Roast Chicken and Roast Char Siew Noodles鸡叉面, $5 as my main! LOL

Close up of my mountain of Noodles with Roast Chicken and Roast Char Siew. The noodles were a little on the starchy side but they were still springy and nice to eat. The portion was a little big though. Children would love the char siew! It is lean and sweet! As for the chicken, it was tender and lean too. There were no fats underneath the chicken skin. Great eaten together with the chilli sauce provided.

This chilli sauce packs a punch and will send you shooting up the ceiling with its spiciness! Eat in moderation! 😛

Dumpling Soup 鲜虾水饺汤, $5  – There were 5 big dumplings in the soup and you can see a big prawn in each dumping.

Close up of the dumpling. The shape is so pretty and you can see the ingredients underneath it.  The skin was firm enough to hold the shape hence it was not as smooth and silky as we had thought.

Inside of the dumpling. There was a big and fresh prawn, mushrooms, some minced meat and some black fungus in it to give it the crunch. Good quality shrimp dumplings! If only they can improve the quality of the soup, it would be a great meal on its own.

PB ordered this Baby Squid with Mamite Sauce 妈密苏东仔, $11 which was so crispy and tasty but also cholesterol laden!

Top view of his Roast Pork Rice 烧肉反, $3.50. It came with chicken rice but we felt that the rice was not very fragrant. 🙁 The meat portion was generous though! The percentage of meat to fat was higher which I preferred.

Close up of the roast pork. As it was chopped quite thinly, I could not feel the crackling of the skin on the piece I tasted though it looks really good.

PB’s Ice Lemon Tea, $2.20. Looks good but I forgot to try 😛

My Coffee, $1.20. Love that it is served and tasted like the traditional way. Yumz

A cosy place for a simple meal and it was great to see the older chefs working in the kitchen. We also saw how work was delegated to each and every staff and how efficiently they worked when an order was placed. Definitely a place that I would bring my family for a meal. :) Plus Points: Credit cards are acceptable and only 5% is charged for service

Pow Sing Kitchen报喜小厨
59 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555961
Tel: 6284 0800
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm Daily
Website: http://www.powsing.com/

Valet Service provided after 6.30pm on Fri, Sat, Sun & PH

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