Planet Popcorn from Berjaya Times Square, KL

My food loot from KL – Popcorns! I bought 3 bags but the picture only shows 2(one original and one wasabi) because me and my parents have already polished off one bag of wasabi popcorns! I have never seen such perfectly rounded and well popped popcorns before! Each popcorn is crispy and well coated! YUM! My parents who are not tit-bits lovers also cannot help popping it into their mouth! LOL

Bought them yesterday before leaving KL as my friends went back to get more after chancing upon it while shopping in Berjaya Times Square the night before. They raved about it and edged me to go try it. We bought more than 10 bags of it in all!

The outlet, Times Square (LG Floor – LG-18-03A),  was just opened on 22 October and they are giving out RM30 vouchers with every 2 bags of popcorn purchased. The staff  were very friendly and generous in letting you try each individual flavour before deciding which one you would like to buy. As I was busy trying out the different flavours and semi-rushing for time to head back home, I did not snap a picture of the outlet but you can find them easily. Just take the down-riding escalator outside JohnPapas and you will see them on your left. 🙂

Summary of the flavours and prices:
1. Original (Pack RM 7.90 Bucket RM 12.90) – Every popcorn is nicely coated and crispy without it being overpoweringly sweet. Love it!

2. Caramel (Pack RM 8.90 Bucket RM 14.90) – Caramel lovers will love this!
3. Seaweed (Pack RM 8.90 Bucket RM 14.90) – Very popular among Malaysians, top of the charts!
4. Curry (Pack RM 8.90 Bucket RM 14.90) – I am surprised that you can really taste the curry flavour in the popcorn! Imagine the curry flavoured twisties but it is the healthier popcorn you are popping into your mouth.
5. Cheese – Pack RM 10.90 Bucket RM 18.90) – Another top seller. Cheese lovers, grab this. Just dont look at the calories. 😛
6. Chocolate (Pack RM 10.90 Bucket RM 18.90) – I did not really like this as it felt a little fake but the staff told me that this popcorn is triple coated with chocolate and would taste better chilled. Too bad they do not have the chilled version for me to try if not I may just be convinced to buy some for my chocolate loving friends.
7. Wasabi  (Pack RM 9.90 Bucket RM 16.90) – The popcorn looks innocently like the the original ones but the moment you pop it into your mouth, wham! The wasabi flavour hits you straight in the head! Pop a few into your mouth at a time for the extra kick. Totally love this. Good office snack to wake up these sleepy heads after lunch! LOL

8. Coffee (Coming Soon) – I am looking forward to this as I am a coffee-lover…. 🙂

To read more, you can go to their website:

or you can also find them on facebook  :


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