Pizza Hut Pasta

Hitched a ride from a col to Plaza Sing. Went to get some stuff for my retreat and then decided on getting dinner as well with a col. We were racking our brains over what to eat when an advertisement popped into our mind and we decided to head to Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut recently launched Pasta Perfectto and their Taste & Tell Pasta Challenge really paid off! A group of people were challenged to guess where the pasta that they were eating were from and many guessed that they were from renowned Italian Pasta Restaurants. With such review, it did made me curious to try out their Pasta to see if they live up to the compliments.

The Menu looks pretty decent. The variety was quite ok and the food pics looks tempting. The pricing is really affordable and what makes the deal sweeter when you order the Pasta is the HSBC Credit Card Promotion, you get 1 for 1 Pasta, that is, order one pasta from the ala carte menu and choose one pasta from the defined list FOC. Promotion valid till 29 September 2009.

We ordered the Peppery Ribs and chose Prawn Aglio Olio for the free item. We upgraded our meal with Set B that comes with Soup of the Day, 3 honey roasted wings and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea for just $5. If you prefer not to have the chicken wings, you can choose Set A which comes with a drink and soup for ard $3. However, the set upgrade was only applicable to the ala carte dish so we could only order 1 Set. The one difference that you will find here is that the type of pasta is fixed. The waitress did not ask what type of pasta we wanted nor did we ask as we were ok with the default.

The Soup of Day was tomato soup and it tasted pretty ok. Sour and sweet though a little watery. The honey roasted wings were also quite well flavoured and opened my appetite for more. The Prawn Aglio Olio that was served had 4 prawns perched very nicely on top of the pasta. The presentation definitely wowed me over since i didn’t expect that from Pizza Hut. Taste wise, it was very spicy and Asian as they cooked it with chilli padi. Not for those who cannot take spicy food. The spaghetti was al-dente, another thing that surprised me as not many establishments can cook pasta properly. The Peppery Ribs came with 2 big chunks of chicken riblets and the linguine was coated with black pepper sauce. The pepper tasted fresh and spicy and the bits of mushroom slices that came with it was nicely sautéed tasted very good.

Overall, i would recommend going back to Pizza hut for their Pasta. Taste not bad and fills you up properly. I paid only $10 per person after the HSBC Credit Card Promotion.

For more of the pasta menu, you can go to

Photos taken with SE C905

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