Pineapple Rice Set @ Authentic Thai, TPC

Pineapple Rice, Crispy Fish, Green Curry Chicken, $5.80 plus an egg $0.50 for Lunch today!  Stress level is up so does the spread for lunch! LOL.

Back to the only Thai food in this cluster of coffeeshop at Keppel Road.

The new set menu.

There are 4 options to choose from for $5.80 per set. I was comtemplating between Set A and Set B and ended up with Set B as I was pretty curious what is the crispy fish listed.

My very colourful and appetizing Set B Lunch, with an add-on egg 😉 The cashew nuts and chicken floss are part of the meal.

The crispy fish is like our cod fish strip snack but in a crispy version. Nice!

Ingredients in the green curry.

2 pieces of chicken and a wedge of eggplant in it. Not a lot of ingredients but the green curry more than makes up for it! I almost drench my pineapple rice with it!

Close up of the pineapple rice.

Very satisfying and delicious meal!

Authentic Thai Street Food
Keng Chye Eating House
Tanjong Pagar Complex

Open till late lunch.

Closed for dinner.

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