Phuc Deli Viet (Vietnamese Coffee & Street Food) @ Robinson Road

Our Lunch option was reduced greatly with the sudden downpour today. Since we had no umbrellas, we had to settle for food places within the covered stretch of buildings. We had the option of convenient food from 7-Eleven, salad from Munchies, sandwiches from Simply Sandwich or Pho from Vietnamese Coffee & Street Food. A bowl of pipping hot soup is definitely the choice in this weather. ;D

Phuc Deli Viet (Vietnamese Coffee & Street Food) is on the 2nd level of the building on 120 Robinson Road, just above Simple Sandwich. It is directly opposite Afro Asia Building where the MPH Bookstore is. If you are still clueless regarding the location, just look out for red signage of MPH and this building is directly across the road. Just take the escalator to the 2nd level and you will find it.

The signage that will bring you to the eating area on the 2nd Level

The place was awfully packed by the time we reached as we left late for lunch due to the heavy rain. We had to wait for the Aunties to get us a seat. We were given seats along the wall where you can see Robinson Road.

Looking out at the lunch crowd crossing the road in the downpour

The menu here is very simple, just one long chit where you can choose from a few types of Beef Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Vietnamese Rice and Tossed Vermicelli with local spring roll, grilled pork, sliced beef, smoked chicken or battered fish fillet and local/vietnamese style spring roll and wantons for sides. Prices listed are all nett pricing.

There is also a Set-Meal Saver costing $15.80 nett for those looking to try the sides. The set meal saver printed on the menu is for a Beef Noodle Combi which consists of any beef noodle, a Viet Roll, a Wanton and a Plum Soda. If you cannot eat beef and still want to have a set, you can just choose any main and tell the auntie taking your order to make it to a set.

As it was packed, the food took a while to come since there was only one chef preparing the food. The rain was so heavy that we got a little wet from where we were seated while waiting for our food.

The aunties placed tiny bowls containing sauces and raw vegetables on our table after we put in our order.

Not too sure why I was given this. Probably for me to use as a dip? My guess was there is fish sauce, cut chilli, lemon and some garlic in it. Not too over powering and pretty refreshing.

Bowl of raw bean sprouts and basil for you to add into the soup. This is very typical of Vietnamese food where you are given raw veg to add into the soup. This is a very toned-down version as compared to eating in Vietnam.

My Plum Soda that comes with the set. It would have cost $3.2 ordered ala carte. I have never seen this drink before and find it pretty interesting. You are basically given a cup of sweet and salty plum juice and a can of  Soda water to make the plum soda yourself.

Pour the soda water into the cup.

And stir to get the Vietnamese Sweet-Salty Sour Plum Soda. Simple to make and something different from the normal sugary drinks we usually have.

A course mate’s order of Tossed Vermicelli with Grilled Pork, $9.80. The grilled pork looks juicy and delicious!

A Col’s Tossed Vermicelli with Battered Fish Fillet, $9.80.  The fish fillet is meaty and the portion generous. For the tossed vermicelli, you are supposed to pour the sauce into it and mix to flavour it. If you do not like the sauce, you can eat it plain as well but it may be a little bland.

The sides for the 3 separate set lunches were served together in one serving basket.

My Main –  Pho Bo (Sliced Beef and Beef Balls Noodle soup, $10.80)

The  mass of rice noodles below. It comes with 4 beef balls and plenty of sliced beef.

Adding the raw bean sprouts and basil  into the pipping hot soup. I feel that the basil actually enhanced the flavour of the soup and the bean sprouts gave it some crunchiness. 🙂

This is my complete Set-Meal Saver – Beef Noodle Combi, $15.80 nett.

I prefer the meat balls to the sliced beef as the latter was too tough. I like its leanest but it was way too overcooked. I saw the noodles sitting on the counter waiting to be served together with the rest of the orders at the table. I think that is a very bad move as sliced beef cooks very quickly.  The rice noodles, after soaking up the soup, tasted great! They were so smooth and cooked to perfection! The portion was quite big and I could not finish the noodles but cannot get enough of the soup! 😀

The cross section of the Viet Spring Roll that came with the set. Very interesting mix of ingredients in it and it came pipping hot! Be careful when eating it!

Vietnamese food is a nice change from the hawker food that we are used to. We felt that it was a little pricey to order the set though the main on its own was ok. I guess we have to help pay for rental too in this part of the city. 😛 This place can seat about 60 – 70 customers. Do go early if you do not want to wait too long for your food and avoid the seats at the side when it is raining! Note: Payment is by cash or nets only so do have enough cash or a working ATM cash with  you 🙂


Phuc Deli Viet
Vietnamese Coffee & Street Food
120 Robinson Road #02-01
Singapore 068913
Delivery Hotline: 62238301 (minimum $40, order before 11:15am)


Photos taken with Iphone4S

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